What to do before living with your love

A love relationship where you can love and be loved is magical. Before choosing to live with your love, it is important to build yourself, be who you are really, stay in integrity with who you are, before thinking of living together of even get married. Because if you don’t, in the long run, you will set yourself for a divorce.

Living together

So many relationship starts and finishes , again and again. And we are wondering why ? it seems to be the same thing we are living each time.

The first key to make sure a relationship last, is to start by loving the person you are. The other person in front of you is often the mirror of yourself, of what you are and/or want to change, and/or what you don’t like. In that case, could it be possible that once you totally love yourself, your soul mate will also love you totally ?

Once you take that decision and start to love yourself first, when you’ll decide both to live together, your life will be so much easier and in peace

Love and accept yourself in a way to grow to your full potential. Never change for someone else, even for your beloved. Change for yourself, be selfish a little bit, it feels good !

Pretending to be someone else just to keep the other one ?  NO ! This is not true love. And honestly, if the person you are in relationship with, can not respect who you are, accept the way you are and constantly ask you to change for his or her own benefit, this is not true love. And this relationship does not deserve to invest more time in it. When you don’t accept the way the other is, well just end the relation, that’s it. There are millions of single people out there waiting for you !

Because of past events and emotions we lived, sometimes we just seem to get back in the same situations again and live our relationship with those past fears. This is full poison. You can’t change the past, it was the past and it’s done. You  can just accept it was there to teach you things into your life. You can grow from it, then release it by letting it go. And from there, you can switch your mindset to what you want in this present relationship and live it fully.

Focus on you first, build yourself and see the magic on how you will attract the right person for you. And once you feel strong enough, you’ll live a happy love relationship life.

The fantastic world of living together

This is a magical change in a life and can be so beautiful. When both are living in their true power and being themselves, it is when love is totally present. At that time, you are willing to understand the other person, to do some compromise and totally be respectful. Be in unity with your husband or wife. Take time together so you can build projects, achieve dreams. Each day has to be lived like it was the first one or if you allow me to say, even like it would be the last one. Enjoy every moment and be grateful for the wonderful love relationship you are having.

Ovation to you, for who YOU ARE,


ps: What is a true love for you?

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