You are tired of Facebook?

I hear more and more people being discouraged with Facebook and asking themselves if having a presence on this network is essential.

More and more rules:
It is true that Facebook has more and more rules and they advocate paying posts. This is normal because it is first a business. It’s true that every post you are doing, only %16 of your fans are seeing them. This is one main reason why people are getting discouraged.  Also, keep in mind that the possibility of doing free publicity these days is almost impossible.

A must:
Like mentioned in a recent article, be present on different social networks is very important.  Do we have to put Facebook aside? No because it is the number 1, because it is the social network where people always go first, consumers like entrepreneurs.  Being daily active is essential because Facebook is the place where people get to know you better. By having a regular presence on this network, you are  able to build your credibility. Remember that you want people to see you everywhere.

Build our credibility:
For sure when I am talking about building yourself a credibility, it means using social networks to share information, tips, create new contacts, engaging conversation with others.  This way and with patience, you will build yourself a credibility in your area of expertise and people will come to you for your products and services without you having to talk about them all the time.

Do not forget the other networks:
Do not spend most of your time on it, go on Google Plus and Linkedin where it is essential if you are an entrepreneur and want to create new business contacts.

And you, how do you spend your time on your different social networks?

partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger

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You are tired of Facebook? — 23 Comments

  1. I think it is essential to be on fb,g+, etc.. but this is also a reason why we built kungphoo.. many posts are just BS, meaning have no purpose… i think that 16% see your post, but that other 84% see whose doing what, and it gets all messy.. this is my opinion.

  2. You’ve shared some excellent points, Carele. I used to be on Facebook most of the time. Now, I engage in other important social media sites as well. It’s best to spread the love! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I use Facebook a lot, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to be seen as they add more rules and regulations – keeps us on our toes doesn’t it though

  4. Excellent information about not abandoning Facebook altogether, Carele. I am one who is frustrated with no one seeing my posts too. We work so hard ad providing quality articles yet…so, off to Google + and Twitter for this fiery grandma.

  5. Recently I have been focusing on actually engaging in conversation with people on Facebook as well as some of the other Social Media. I sometimes run out of time but do the best I can.

  6. I think you are right. It is crazy to dismiss Facebook altogether and it is understandable to feel frustrated that FB is getting less effective. It is smart to keep FB active and going and to also focus efforts on other platforms like LI and G+.

    People think that they are the “consumers” on FB and that they can demand FB behave a certain way or meet certain expectations. That would be true if they paid to use FB. But if the service is free, you are not the consumer, you are the product. That is true of Google, FB, and nearly every other free service out there. BUT if you use FB wisely – then FB can become part of your services and becomes the product.

  7. Great tip Carele! I always find myself spending too much of my time on FB & twitter & not on other social medial platforms. I guess I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket and listen to the professionals like you. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Great points! There is indeed more to platforms than Facebook alone, so it is important to try out other platforms as well. How has Facebook benefited you the most?

  9. Hi Carele,

    I personally am a big fan of LinkedIn. It’s my primary social media site for my writing business, because that’s B2B. When I started my blog for creative women, I expected Facebook to eclipse LinkedIn as a traffic source. Not so. Maybe it’s just because I’m more familiar with it, but I find LinkedIn to be more effective than Facebook so far. It doesn’t necessarily bring in more traffic, but the people who find me through LinkedIn are far and away more engaged and more likely to sign up for my newsletter.

    Thanks for your weekly link party invitations, by the way!