Yes to Pinterest

In 2010, Pinterest Social Network was born. Lots of people were saying: “not another social network” while real networkers were thrilled by the brilliance of this new network.

We have to know it’s one of the Social Network which is getting a huge growth right now. Why? We say that an image is worth a thousand words, then let Pinterest talk about your business!

On Facebook, people leave comments more on a post with an image than without it. So Pinterest took advantage of it. Also, this social network just put out their new account: the business pages! For now, it is similar to the personal account but we are waiting that they will follow Google +, LinkedIn and Facebook on this.

Pinterest is really simple. It all about putting images of: your business, products, services, articles, website, your interests, etc. It is composed with boards where you give them a title and put some images in it

The advantage of it is that you can link your image to a URL, like for an example to your website address. Each people are discovering your boards and images. They can leave a comment and even better, they can « repin » them into their boards. (similar to Facebook share button)

Imagine the positive impact that it can have on your business when people are « repining » your images in their boards and their followers are doing the same? This is an unlimited potential. You can also link your account to Facebook and Twitter. This is huge for your visibility!

Unfortunately, still too many people are creating their account, inviting their friends by forgetting the essential: Create boards first; a minimum of five is good. We see the first 5 boards when we arrive on your account. I don’t like to follow people with empty boards and profile.  It says a lot about the person. And it is good also to follow back people who are following you unless their boards are against your beliefs.

A lot of more tips exist and you will be able to read them in more articles coming soon. Until then, I invite you to have your Pinterest account and have fun with it. Pinterest is free to join and need to be by invitation from another user.

To your success,

Carele Belanger

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Yes to Pinterest — 17 Comments

  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing. I love pinterest and all that you can do with it for business.

  2. You are so right…Pinterest is FUN! I need to set a timer or I could spend all day there…always something new catching my eye to investigate further! Great article!

  3. Carele, you have made so many great points about Pinterest. I pin occasionally and when I get on there, it’s hard to leave! LOL

  4. Great Pinterest information, it is a site I have not only pinned my own personal business things on but use often for super ideas and tips, and have even tried a few recipes!