Who are you during holiday season?

ID-100297297Christmas is approaching and every year, I take a moment to look at what’s happening in many families.

I find it sad to see all these people go into debt just to give gifts, to prepare big parties and on the 
other hand to see all these people feeling sad to be alone or not to be able to offer gifts.

If the commercial Christmas did not exist, there would less poor people and in debt, what do you think? And in fact, the main purpose of this day is not the number of gifts we give I believe. 😉

Giving gifts because we really feel it in our heart is one thing. Giving gifts because we feel obliged since it’s Christmas, is something else. When I met my wife 6 years ago now, I immediately told her that at Christmas and for her birthday, I would not give her gifts. Ouf, a shock for her since she had never been used to this and it “seemed wrong” for her. I told her that at any time of the year, when I would feel like giving her one, I would and never wait for a special occasion since everyday is special. The first year was difficult for her but now she understands the whole meaning of it. I also stopped giving a gift to my mother for Christmas the day we gave each other the same gift: a gift certificate from the same store and for the same amount !!! This is where I realized that the most important is to see each other from time to time over a good dinner and laugh. And for clothing now, it does not matter for me and  I’m often wearing jeans. I always dress like I feel in the morning, even at Christmas.:-)

I can tell you that I am really not in debt during holiday season . I love celebrating and I make sure to see my 3 children to spend special moments which I reproduce almost every month also. To celebrate the new year, I make sure to be in the presence of positive people that I want to start the year with. I would like to celebrate the New Year with my children also , but this is not always possible, and I accept it. Everything is always perfect as it should be .


As the title of this article I have written: Who are you during holiday season ?  Are You yourself or what society tells people to be? So if the action of giving gifts please you, do it because it comes from the heart and congrats. If you do it by obligation because it’s Christmas and it will make you go into debts , what do you think to get back to the main essence of who you are really ?

For my part, I love dinners with people I love and feel good with, no matter the time of year , including Christmas.

Of course I wish you all an happy holiday season which is a sign of a lot of people in vacation. 🙂

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