What name to choose for your Facebook Fan Page?

When you start your Fan page, to decide a name is often something that a lot of people are asking themselves.

Do I put the page under my name or do I find a business name or do I talk about my services in the title? What is the best solution?

Every answer is good! Everything will depend on what you want to do exactly.
If you already have a business name, use it. But if you don’t have one, you will have to determine if you want to brand yourself or a company name.

When you do not have any business name, using your personal name can be very useful, because I will bring you flexibility. When you have more than 100 Fans, Facebook does not allow you to change your name unless you ask for a special request which they don’t always accept.

So if in the long run, you do not like anymore the title you have chosen, this could become a problem if you did not choose your name. Or, let say you build your Fan page, create great relationships with others, and you choose to change your business field. This is possible and it is happening to a lot of people. Since people want to know you before your business, they will still follow you. So if you did take your name as your page title, you won’t have to change anything or start all over again. You will only have to change your mission on your page. Isn’t this wonderful?!

If you really don’t want your name as your page title and that you don’t have any specific business name, I would suggest you to find an original one which will catch people’s attention, with referring to your subject for sure. Please keep it short.

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What name to choose for your Facebook Fan Page? — 19 Comments

  1. My facebookname is the same as the name of my blog, which made it easy for me. It needs to catch attention for sure; thanks for giving us so much insight!!

    • Learning is always growing. Facebook now accept request for name change. You can always give it a try if this is what you want. They don’t always accept the request, but never know.

  2. I chose my name for my profile, and I ended up selecting something a little unwieldy for my page name. It has my name as part of it, but if I change my business, I will have to start over!