What type of entrepreneur are you among these three?

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In the daily life like on the web, we meet different types of entrepreneurs.

On Social Media, we can easily discover which type of entrepreneur people are.

Here are 3 types of entrepreneurs which we most frequently find on business pages like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and even LinkedIn:

ME entrepreneur:
– His posts are mainly about his products and services, his events, his business.
– He will never answer people who are leaving comments.
– His first goal is to sell without taking care of his clients needs.
– He will say that Social Media is not bringing any growth to his business.

OCCASIONAL Entrepreneur: 
– He will put new posts when he feels like without any constancy.
– He will answer comments once in a while, when he feels like.
– His first goal is to have results for yesterday, hoping that everything will arrives  without
any efforts.
– He won’t see any long term results with his social networks.

BUILDER Entrepreneur
– His post will mainly be about tips, information, articles.
– He will always take time to answer people’s comments.
– His first goal will be to create relation, engage conversation, inform people and listen to
their needs.
– He is patient and persevering which will bring him concrete results on Social Media and
a growth to his company.

Which one of these three entrepreneurs will obtain results?
You guessed it, the Builder entrepreneur

Why?  In spite of the virtual, he takes time to engage conversation with people who follow him, and this is the most important with social media because people see there is a human behind the computer. People will appreciate this type of entrepreneur, will not hesitate to buy from him or to refer him.

I hear people say: YES but….it takes lots of time all this!

Yes it’s true. This is why it becomes important to build an action plan, to program in advance our posts and also plan a maximum of 30 minutes per day  to take time to answer every comments and create new contacts.

For sure that for the posting part, it will take time on top of the 30 minutes.  This is why it is important to program everything in advance or to focus only on what you do the best in your business and delegate the posting part to a social media specialist.

So Yes it is possible to have results with Social Media.

Are you ready to also get results?  (leave your answer in the comment box below)

Partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger
social media specialist

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What type of entrepreneur are you among these three? — 16 Comments

  1. I like to think of myself as a BUILDER ENTREPRENEUR. It explains all the hours I spend watching webinars, taking notes, learning, taking courses- all about social media marketing. It wasn’t that way for me when I first started so I can easily see how people fall into not knowing. It dos take dedication to learning a new way of marketing. Great distinctions.

  2. One look at the comments section of any article of mine will tell you I’m a ME. I set aside quality time to be able to respond to comments thoughtfully, with content that can make a difference to the reader. Not just a “thanks for stopping by” … unless that’s all the commenter left. But that’s rare, because readers WILL leave meaningful comments if they feel they’ll get a meaningful response. That’s called “communicating.” 😉

    • This is very good that you also take the time to give back meaningful response. This is a great way of taking care of people and they will remember and usually come back to leave other comments.

  3. I believe or hope I am #3. I would probably be happier to hear someone donated to a rescue or adopted from one first, then hopefully let the pet try Q Pets if it is not happy and healthy which most rescues are not to begin with. Of course I want my buisness to grow but realize it will take time and building relationships is key to that. Thanks, Carele:)

    • I can easily see you are a #3 Sandy. At the beginning it takes time but in the long run it is building trust between the people and you which is the first step. Only this way people will not only start to buy but will come back.

  4. Yay! I’m a builder entrepreneur 🙂 Phew! Glad I passed the test, I hate tests, haha 🙂 No, but seriously, FABULOUS article… people NEED to hear and learn this stuff for sure 🙂 Great job.

  5. entrepreneur constructeur , et avec linkedIn , je cible de plus en plus mes contacts, mais c’est vrai qu’il faut toujours des minis articles prêts à l’avance, qu’on adapte un peu à chaque personne, j’ai horreur des envois de masse, donc réponse appropriée à chacun, ouf! beaucoup de travail quand même .