To share or not share others posts?

On Facebook like Google Plus,  we have the possibility to share others posts.
I often receive the following questions:
Is it a good thing to do ?
At what frequency should we do it?

First of all, on Facebook and Google Plus you are able to have a personal page and several business pages. It is important to make the difference between both.

When you share others posts on one of your business pages, make sure that it is in relation with your business field.

Why? You have people who are following you because of your area of expertise and they are looking to get information about it not about a completely different subject.   When you find interesting posts that you would like to share and that it is not related to your business, I suggest you share them on your personal profile. This is something I do and mainly to share others contests and where it will help entrepreneurs.

To the question: At what frequency should we do it?

Sharing others posts is not a must but at the same time really good to create great business relations.  Sharing others posts on your business page should not be more than once a day because your people want to discover what is your expertise.  As for sharing on your personal profile, there aren’t any rules about it. One thing to keep in mind is to not share too much of others posts in one day because it will overload people’s newsfeed and they will lose interest in following you.

As for Pinterest, I invite you to create new dashboards for sharing others pins that you would like your followers to discover.

This way you will diversify what you post, you will create good business relations, and you will build your credibility in your area of expertise by continuing to also post your tips.

partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger

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To share or not share others posts? — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for this important information Carele! I always try to post relevant info on my pages, thank you for the measure on how often to incorporate others posts.

  2. Thanks Carele. I like your notion about not sharing other’s stuff any more than once a day so that we are all demonstrating our own expertise enough. I do like sharing and think it is important however! Cheers and thanks.

  3. I agree. Another thing that I would like to add is DO NOT save as photos from someone else’s page and claim they are your work. I see this with mine all the time. If you are going to share, then share. At least give credit to where credit is due.

  4. I share other’s posts connected with my business, when I find something really valuable. Usually once a week. It is good to connect with peers and promote their work.