The power of hashtags

HashtagEtiquetteblancheAfter Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, it is now Facebook that opens the possibility to insert hashtags in our posts.

What are hashtags? They are specifics keywords that people do research and find more information about the subject.  We put the sign # before the words we want  to be clickable, like this example: #facebookquestions . By doing this, people will be able to click on it and will appear other posts with the same subject in Facebook.

It is recommended to insert a maximum of 2 words with hashtag per post and you either put them in the text or just right after. Some people think this concept is useless while other, like me loves it because it increase your social media visibility. 

Here is an example where recently in one of the top online social media magazine, we could read an article from Mari Smith, one of the world’s leading social media strategists . She was writing about Facebook hasthtags. As an example she took the clickable word #facebookquestions and she is showing us the results.

Here is the image:

SocialMediaExaminer-Hashtags (image and article source: )

If you look at the posts’ results with this word, she appears in first. Now, look closely who appears in second? Interesting!  On top of increasing my visibility in Facebook, by the searches,  in this case, it also brought me an amazing visibility in the Social media Examiner, isn’t this great?

Do you regularly use hashtags in you different social networks?

Carele Belanger
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The power of hashtags — 31 Comments

  1. I am just learning about hashtags. I began to use them in my facebook posts (they look ugly but they are effective!) but sometimes I forget. A person had to learn to read around them! My question is this: Does google see them, or does google even care?

  2. I’ve been using hashtag for quite sometime now and I may say that in some ways it increases my social media visibility and it help me search a specific keywords I’m looking in to. Great explanation Carele!

  3. I love hashtags! Admittedly, I should be using them more. But I agree, they are a great way to increase visibility on FB. And also great if you are searching for new leads and industry peers to follow!

  4. I love using hashtags. I use them more so on Google+ and Twitter. I still have to remind myself to add them to my facebook post! Thank you so much for sharing and love the exposure you got!

  5. Interesting idea! Hashtags indeed are a great way to increase your social media visibility. Will it make any difference if the number of hashtags you use differ in number, say more than 2?

  6. Great tips! And surely some great visibility to show up with that hashtage for sure 🙂 Great job!

  7. Carele, Thanks for your informational post. I think use of hashtags will gain in importance with increased usage by people posting status updates and also with the fans seeking information through the use of hashtags

  8. Hi Carele,

    Great post and reminder. I have a list of #(hashtags)I have researched and continue to search. I’ve even started some for my upcoming event(s). Thanks for the valuable information.