Taking some time off from Social Networks

Many People Thinking of Questions

It is Holidays Season and during this time like other holidays during the year, people are wondering what to do with their social networks. Do I stop posting for a few days or do I remain active like every other days?

Social Networks are opened all year long, no matter which special day. It is not everybody who celebrates these special days. Some people are alone during these days and navigates on internet.

So is it important to stay active during these times? Yes!
Is it important to take some time off during the year? Yes!

It is important to always keep the momentum and stay in action. This way your business will progress and grow. Take some time off is also a must for all human beings to have a healthy and balanced life.

Thus, how can it be done? Program in advance your status updates. With Facebook, I constantly use the schedule in advance function. For other social networks, I usually use Hootsuite.com. By using these 2 functions, I can program up to a year in advance!

Of course to schedule in advance is a very interesting tool. On the other hand, it is not enough just to schedule and do new posts. You will have to take time and answer comments, and here is the importance of a social media manager.

To your success,

Carele Belanger Authentic Social Media Specialist

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Taking some time off from Social Networks — 17 Comments

  1. I totally agree, sometimes people think just posting is networking, forgetting to comment on other posts is really part of network.

  2. For me social media and my sm friends feel like home…nice to get away, miss them when you do, and ALWAYS excited to return! Thanks for a great article!

  3. During the past holiday season, I actually disconnected for 3 whole days. It was a refreshing break from the everyday life of being connected! I love the ability to schedule posts and tweets for occasions when I decide to disconnect. The best part is returning and responding to everyone myself (no automation there!).

  4. I told myself I would take some time off during the holidays, but still ended up checking and posting just about every day. It’s too hard to stay away!

  5. I know the importance of staying “social” during the holidays, but “for me”, I like to take a break and rejuvenate to start the cycle all over again in January.

  6. I think it’s important to take regular breaks from social media otherwise you just post yourself silly. Like you, I’m a fan of the scheduling feature in Facebook, and of tools like hoot suite and buffer. They save the day for me many times 🙂 Great post Carele – thanks!