Allow myself to take some vacation? No!


Beach of Cayo Las Brujas. CubaAs an entrepreneur, we forget sometimes to take some time off. With the Social Media popularity and the web, we want to stay constantly active. What will happen if I go on vacation?

At the moment you are reading this article, my two feet are on the beautiful beach of Cuba. And for the people who are following me through my Social Medias, you can still see daily posts coming from me.

No I am not in front of the computer every day! Vacations are vacations and it is so important for your business to take some time to rest and come back filled with energy.

I simply use tools to program everything in advance on my Social Medias. On Facebook, I program every post directly with their tool since it is recommend that the post do not come from an outside source if you want better results with it. For the other Social Networks, there is lots of great website out there like Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialOomph for you to schedule everything.

So there is no reason that your Social Networks walls stay empty while you are away. For sure, there will be one thing that will be impossible to program in advance and it is to answer comments while you are away. Make it a priority when you will be back or even better, hire a community manager that you trust to answer on your behalf while you are away.

Creating lots of actions on your Social Medias and the web will always be important to increase your visibility and credibility.  So use these great web tools to stay in action. Also, respect yourself and take some time off  is really important in your personal and business life. This way you will see positive changes happen in your business.

To your success,


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Allow myself to take some vacation? No! — 17 Comments

  1. WOW! Carele, I didn’t know you were on vacation! Good for you! I haven’t been on a vacation in 20 years! I think it’s my time soon! Enjoy! I love the way one can still keep in touch through social media. Take care!

  2. Carele,

    I very much agree with taking vacations to reset our creative buttons. The week my boyfriend and I drove out to California in April, was so much appreciated. I loved the desert, ocean and the mountains. Plus it’s fun to create new memories of new places. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This is SO important! I encourage my clients to take regular vacations PLUS shut down social media and technology at least once a week!

  4. Good for you, Carele! I absolutely agree that “Vacations are vacations and it is so important for your business to take some time to rest and come back filled with energy.” I’m glad that you were able to enjoy some much needed rest. Welcome back!

  5. This is so true Carele!! I thought I was going to schedule everything before my trip, but then I had no time before my trip, so I did social media a little bit while gone for my two weeks:) Have fun in Cuba!! 🙂

  6. For lots of reason, including security, I never mention that I’m traveling until I’m back home … but I keep the flow of comments steady using tools as you mention, Carele. Makes so much sense, regardless why you do it! BTW, enjoy having your feet in the sand!