3 reasons why you should use YouTube for your business

Lots of entrepreneurs still do not take time to create YouTube videos, often by not understanding the reason why they should have a presence.  1-    Its huge popularity More than 4 billion views per day. YouTube is the most popular … Continue reading

Get results because of Social Medias

Sometimes I hear entrepreneurs saying Social Networks are not working or it doesn’t bring them back any return. Then I visit their pages and quick I understand why. I invite you to look at this short video. If you are … Continue reading

Interview with Emily la Grange

Carèle: Is your company present on some Social Networks? Emily: Yes Carèle: On which ones? Emily: Facebook mainly, although I share the love on Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest through my personal profiles.   Carèle: What do you like the most about … Continue reading

Is Facebook promoted post tool is a good thing?

The other day, when navigating on Facebook’s news feed, I was seeing articles’ sponsored post, which people have to pay for this feature. So I was wondering why people would do this for articles also. When you are on your … Continue reading

How to use YouTube for your business

You Tube is the third most popular website after Google and Facebook. It is the Web’s second largest search engine after Google. 490 million people visit this website each month. You can drive people from your YouTube videos to your … Continue reading

Control your Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook has a tendency to control more and more what you publish and show it less and less to your Fans. You want your Fans to see your new post that you make on your business page. Here is a way to … Continue reading

Live a balanced life

We often hear about the importance of having a balanced life. Too many people run all the time and are asking themselves how to do this! I went through this myself too. Mother of 3 wonderful kids ( 14 , … Continue reading

Facebook personal profile versus business page

When you decide to join Facebook and you have a business, it is important to know the difference between a personal and a business profile. Moreover, according to Facebook’s  rules, it is forbidden to publish his business on his personal … Continue reading