I give, I don’t give, I give …

Oh dear Facebook which is now synonym with constant changes and headaches for many. Facebook shows less and less business page’s posts in the news feed simply because they want entrepreneurs to purchase advertisements. This is normal, Facebook is a … Continue reading

5 reasons why use Google Plus for your business

Still too many entrepreneurs are afraid to learn how to use Google Plus for their business because they do not understand the benefits. However, Google Plus has more than 1 billion accounts with 359 million monthly active users and in … Continue reading

What type of entrepreneur are you among these three?

In the daily life like on the web, we meet different types of entrepreneurs. On Social Media, we can easily discover which type of entrepreneur people are. Here are 3 types of entrepreneurs which we most frequently find on business … Continue reading

Interview with Sandy Gauthier

Carèle: Is your company present on some Social Networks? Sandy: Yes Carèle: On which ones? Sandy: Facebook and Twitter  Carèle: What do you like the most about Social Media? Sandy:  I like meeting and engaging with people from all over the world  The … Continue reading

3 reasons why you should use YouTube for your business

Lots of entrepreneurs still do not take time to create YouTube videos, often by not understanding the reason why they should have a presence.  1-    Its huge popularity More than 4 billion views per day. YouTube is the most popular … Continue reading

You are tired of Facebook?

I hear more and more people being discouraged with Facebook and asking themselves if having a presence on this network is essential. More and more rules: It is true that Facebook has more and more rules and they advocate paying … Continue reading

One mistake to avoid on Social Media

I invite you to watch this video showing you one big mistake to avoid on Social Media. If you still make this mistake, what’s the use to have a presence? Upload now your FREE guide by CLICKING HERE ( Subscribe … Continue reading

The power of hashtags

After Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, it is now Facebook that opens the possibility to insert hashtags in our posts. What are hashtags? They are specifics keywords that people do research and find more information about the subject.  We put … Continue reading