What is a Social Media Manager?

social media managerThe Social Media world is growing at a fast pace and in the business world, your presence is «must » if you are looking to increase your company’s visibility and traffic. Thanks to the internet, we can open our doors all over the world.

As an entrepreneur, we know our time is precious and with this new social world, it can be very helpful to pay a specialist to manage our networks. This way we can avoid putting more hours than required.

What is a social media manager, often called “community manager” also? It is someone who is specialized in the main social networks, who know the mechanics of them, who will be able to build you an action plan and also taking care of your daily publications on your different networks. Some also offer the possibility to respond to people who comment on your network.

Posting new publications is one thing. Now to do it with a strategy behind is another thing and it will lead you to success faster.

As it becomes a very popular business, many people are unfortunately jumping in this business without knowing the essential. So how to discover whether or not the person you want to hire is someone who knows the social media area?

The social media manager is active on the main social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Google + and Pinterest becoming also very popular. Of course we cannot ask these people to be on all networks! On the other hand, I like the expression “Walk the Talk”: How can someone guide you if on their own networks they do very little action or not at all?

Let’s take Facebook for example:

• Do he or she has their Facebook business page (called Fan page in the past)?

• How many LIKE do he or she has? (We have to give a chance to a new entrepreneur who is in it first year. On the other hand, when a page exist for more than a year with only 100 or 200 LIKES and even 300, I would ask myself questions) One important thing is : it’s better to have 200 LIKES and be very active on our page than having 2000 LIKES without any actions.

• Do you see in general at least 1 new post a day on their page?

• Do posts vary (tips-articles-quotes-questions-etc.)?

• Does the page has a least one application (little squares under your cover image) which redirect to their website?

And many more tips

Does the person has a blog, and publishes new articles regularly (once a month minimum, ideally one every two weeks or every week)? All this must be in place to create more traffic. If the person who you are looking to hire is doing these things on her social networks and blog, it will be easier for him or her to work on yours to bring you more visibility.

You’ll hear many terms such as: social media manager, consultant, community manager and even some virtual assistant will integrate it into their work. No matter which you choose, you should be aware that they do not all have necessarily the expertise in social media, some yes, some no. Therefore, I invite you to be more careful before choosing.

Hiring someone to manage your social networks can be very useful for your business as well for its growth. If you prefer to do it yourself, I invite you to follow trainings to understand more how to use them.

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  3. I like this. It is essential to know first hand what you are talking about, how could you do for somebody else what you are not doing yourself? The best tip ever!

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