Selling or not Selling

Social NetworksPeople often ask me how to sell on Social Networks and I always answer the same thing, do not sell. Then people ask me about the importance of being on certain networks?

Well it is to grow your business and sell!  Okay, I hear you all saying: What?   

Yes it is possible to sell.  The number one key is to create relationships with new people and keep good ones with the ones already following you. This will also increase your visibility and your traffic. Thus you will become an expert in your field because people will appreciate this from you. When they will need a service like yours, they will think about you first because you will have built trust.  They will become loyal clients who will talk about yourself to others.

Being parts of some Facebook groups, there are people I never met before and because of this process I bought products from them.  So yes you can sell without always promoting.

When you enter in a store and a sales person jumps at you to sell you something, how do you feel? Then it is the same thing if I enter in your store (a social network) and what I see as for posts are only ads for products, services and coaching. Once in a while won’t hurt and it is ok also.

There are lots of tips about social networks to get people to discover your products and services. So yes it is possible to sell as long you prioritize connection first. The beauty of all this is there are millions and millions of people navigating on social networks.  So when you have a Web site, it is a plus. You can send people to your website. The first thing I do when I open my computer in the morning is to go on Facebook before going on Google to look at news. Lots of people are doing this also.

So imagine the impact if you have a great website in place, then you develop the art of creating relationships on social networks also… 

Authentically yours,

Carele Belanger  

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Selling or not Selling — 21 Comments

  1. Excellent article, Carele! I like how you stress out the importance of a website and how all paths should point to your website.

    After all, your website is your own home and the place that you control best, so don’t forget to “remind” people about it.

  2. Great post Carele. Totally agree with you. It’s all in the relationship. In fact I believe business has evolved from “Always Be Closing” to “Always be Teaching”. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very good article Carele. If people on social media could understand that you can sell without always promoting our online world would be much better. You made good points, and I could not agree more with you when you say that connection comes first!

  4. Love this article Carele, lots of great points. Creating relationships through Social Media is the best strategy a Marketer could do. This will help keep loyal clients and attract potential ones too.