Obtain more engagement on your Social Networks

No matter which Social Network you are using for your business, it is important to keep those pages active and create more engagement coming from people who are following you.

We already know the importance of posting daily on Social Networks, a few times per day, a minimum of two.  With website like Hootsuite, you can programmed in advance what you will post. So there will be no reason anymore for you to not post daily.

One way of increasing the engagement rate on your pages is to ask open questions. Why open questions? People like to talk about themselves and open because you want to obtain more detail answers than just receiving a Yes or a No for answer. This way you will engage a conversation and you will learn more about people who follow you.

Here is the importance that people become more engaged on your pages. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Each time someone is posting a comment on your page, it appears on their friends news feed. So more there will be people answering, more people will discover your page, and more likely you will have new people following you.

Open questions are a great way to increase your visibility.

If you would like to receive ideas of open questions, and at the same time save some time so you don’t have to create new ones, I suggest you the Guide of 210 ideas of open questions by clicking here.

To your success,

Carele Belanger


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