Mutual Aid and Synergy

Reaching hands. Concept for rescue, friendship, guidance....
On Social Networks, I constantly see pages which do posts and posts, of course concerning their products and services, or still in a way that everything is about them. Furthermore, the same people are only thinking to get more people following them, but in return, what are they doing? Generally nothing or very little.

Let me explain more. If somebody click LIKE on your page, thus offer them the same on their page. Somebody who follows you on Twitter, offer them the same thing in return and it’s the same with LinkedIn, Plus Google, Pinterest, etc. The only reason which I would not follow in return would be that the page is against my values.

And why is it so important to do this process? You will create new relations. Some people will tell me that maybe they are not targeted. And my answer is: if this way you create excellent new contacts, well the same people, who are not maybe in your niche, will refer yourself to others, just because the way you are engaging with them.

It is simple: do the same things in return and especially thank them one by one. When I receive an e-mail of Twitter saying that someone new is now following me, I do the same in return and especially thank him or her! And I do for each network where it is possible to do it. Be careful, when I say send a thank you message, it is not a sending a message to sell to present your products and services. It is a simple and sincere thank you message.

Also, from time to time, participating on others pages is very important.

In my case where a lot of people follow me, I cannot go and comment everywhere every day. In this case, I alternate from pages to pages and as best I can.

Generally, people who I notice that they are on social medias only for themselves, to speak about their products & services and to increase their numbers; I remove them from my list that I follow. It is called Social Network and I am looking to work with them not for them!

Mutual aid, being my philosophy, I want to create a big group of people who are in the same energy.

Everyone who will apply this way of working will have, without any doubt, a huge success, because a team synergy will lead you to a long-term success. A philosophy of the Me, myself and I, will put you out of business in the long run.

What kind of philosophy do you prefer?

partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger


Mutual Aid and Synergy — 42 Comments

  1. What a great way of looking at business, social networks, and LIFE! It’s always about THEM! As marketers, we DO have to market our products, but if we are offering quality on our sites, paying it forward to others, people will line up to enter our funnel and purchase from us. It’s the way the law of attraction works 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful post on your own philosophy. THAT’s exactly why I follow you!

  2. I completely agree! Give, give, give. The more you give and share on social media, the more your relationships, engagement, and influence will grow! Great philosophy!

  3. I believe in giving. This may be in part because I don’t in the least like selling, so we rarely do it. But giving and connecting really enhance life and happiness, I think. Love your philosophy, Carele!

  4. Being part of a wonderful team makes all the difference when you work an online home business. It is fun to get to know people from all around the world and to truly know that you are making a difference in their lives.

  5. Good points I try to return the favor most and I have certain pages that really support me that I make sure I visit them every few days even if it doesn’t pop up in my news feed

  6. Thank you for sharing, I always try to follow others in return because you never know if your information or posts may benefit them or vice versa. Relationships are key to building a successful business model.

  7. Carele, looks like yours and my philosophy match. I’m with you all the way. To take this a step further, online or offline it’s important to establish the relationship first. Trying to sell your product or service to someone without a relationship is short sighted. In any event, if you have an established trusted relationship, and a product/service that matches a need the selling will take care of itself.

  8. I agree with you on this subject. The goal of interacting on social media is building relationships & friendships. At times I have to search for something positive to comment on when I am in a group and do not particularly agree with a person but there is usually something uplifting I can say.

  9. I like what you said Carele, about Social Network, that your looking to work with them not for them! A philosophy of the Me, myself and I, will put you out of business in the long run. I agree, you will succeed a lot faster when you work as a team! Building relationships is key!

  10. It is gratitude in action. Being of sincere abundance and helping others is what is going to attract people to you. Thank you for the beautiful post and for sharing it with us.

  11. Great article… I like how you call it ‘mutual aid’… it is so important to engage with folks and be in a collaborative spirit.

  12. Excellent points, Carele! I’ve met so many great friends and clients jut by offering “my hand” in return. BTW, I love the image that you used in this post 🙂

  13. Great philosophy. Show gratitude and sincerely reach out to others as they reach out to you to build relationships. Thank you for sharing.