Meet Carele


carele belangerCarèle Bélanger is a dynamic and charismatic business woman, I Am Me ® founder, speaker, self-acceptance coach, trainer, Bestselling author. Master in neurolinguistic programming, she also attended several courses in personal growth field in the United States. She is also a proud mother of his three grown children.

She is recognized as an authentic human being who aims to get people to live their lives by being themselves without the fear of being judged.

Growing up with the fear of judgment and having a lack of confidence, she passed part of her life just existing instead of fully living it. And it is at the age of 34, not wanting to live anymore, that Carèle began to deeply work on herself with personal growth courses.

4 years later, she transformed everything in her life to finally choose and live fully by being herself. In June 2015, she decided to guide as many people as possible to feel great about themselves and dare to be themselves. She created the I Am Me ® brand in order to make it a global movement where people accept themselves and accept others the way they are with respect and love.


With different solutions, guide people to accept themselves and others with love and respect so they can live as being themselves 100% of the time.


Transformation of one person at a time that decide to live as being itself so we can create a huge worldwide I Am Me movement where people are true and authentic.



Carele participated to the “Perfectly Perfect” video from Simple Plan