Live a balanced life

We often hear about the importance of having a balanced life. Too many people run all the time and are asking themselves how to do this!

I went through this myself too. Mother of 3 wonderful kids ( 14 , 17 and 19 years old), I always had a busy life. When I was still with the father of my children, in   the year 2000, I took the decision of being an entrepreneur and work as a therapist for about 5 years. After, I decided to develop my network marketing business. Today, I now live my passion: social media and helping people to get known. Live our passion is the most important in business.

Like most of the entrepreneurs, during the first 8 years, I had the « workaholic » syndrome thinking I had to work 25 hours out of 24, 8 days on 7, sleeping 5 hours per night, to reach success.

When you have kids, usually it is during evenings and weekends that they need you. I was always saying that I had to work really hard to reach success. And even worse, when I was expanding my network marketing business, I was always meeting new people all day long and evening at coffee shops or networking events.

Today, when I look at everything I was doing, I still can’t believe all the time, money and health I wasted by running like this. Working hard to get what we want is not part of my beliefs anymore. Work with focus, an action plan and in balance, is what I believe today.

Kids are growing fast and every moment is so important because we won’t be able to come back in the past. It is important to keep time for our self, our couple, our children, our health, our work.

Learning to calculate our time and profitability is very important in business. I am constantly receiving invitation for coffee or networking events. And today, I don’t go to all of them like I use to. I always calculate time, distance and balance in my life.

My daughter is one week out of two with me. And for sure on evenings, weekends and vacation, never I will go out to work. And other weekends? I pass them with my love! During the week I take time to exercise and I am now sleeping 8 hours each night.   My health is essential.

So I am happy that Social Networks exist. Yes I am hearing some people saying that with internet, we are losing the human contact. Be careful, when it’s use in a good way, I would say it is saving time!

I mainly use Social Networks for business. I have learned with time to create new business contacts with Social Networks and learn who they are and then decide who I will go sit with for a coffee and developing new business. I have a lot more free time since I do this and got back a balanced life.  We can’t meet everybody. We have to stay focus on what we are doing.

The main message is to keep yourself time in every area of your life so you can have a balanced life. It is possible and you can bring your life to the success you want.

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Live a balanced life — 24 Comments

  1. Well presented, Carele. I applaud that you’re not seeking balance for it’s own sake, but because of your values and priorities. That’s when balance matters.

    I also totally agree about social media. I still go to networking events and coffee meetings but those are limiting time wise and money wise (I mean, how much coffee can one really drink? lol). Social media not only saves time, but also expands our networks world wide.

    • You are so right: how much coffe can one really drink 😉 Social Media is such a great invention as long as we have a plan also.
      thank you for taking the time to comment Bruce.

  2. Thanks Carele – Kids do grow up fast! I love Social Networking as it allows me to make wonderful contacts and friends and still gives me time with my family.

  3. Excellent article that I hope all parents read! Balance is key…but when in doubt lean toward your children! The rewards of your investment in your children will far out weigh business rewards.

  4. I think that everybody will go through this season of just being too busy at being busy building your business. Thanks for being so transparent, because that is what we need; we need somebody who has been there and done that and changed course.

    • I agree Olga. I think also that everybody go thru this. I also think our children won’t, because they will have learned thru us. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Great article, life and work balance is indeed very important. I have always been a workaholic and since my work is my passion I have to fight with myself to stop because I know the importance of rest and have to allocate time for my other responsibilities.

  6. What a lovely article on the importance of balance. And I love how you shared examples of how balance is working in your own life and why it is important to you. It is easy to allow one part of life to overtake the others, but they are all important to a rich and complete life. Thank you.

  7. Well explained Carele. I understand how much focus network marketing business will require you to succeed on the business but all it really takes is a balanced life. Two thumbs up!

  8. Great article, Carele! It is so important to have that balance in our life. I especially liked when you wrote, “Learning to calculate our time and profitability is very important in business.” Wonderful point, thanks 🙂

  9. Great post Carele. I agree time can slip away so fast. Once gone the time with your loved ones can never be replaced.

  10. My wife and I are constantly working on balance in all things with three little preschoolers running around the house. I’ve been on the 5-hour sleep schedule at night and know I need to change that!