Interview with Yvonne Brown

Yvonne BrownCarèle:
Is your company present on some Social Networks?

Carèle: On which ones?
Yvonne: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LInkedin, Pinterest, Youtube 

Carèle: What do you like the most about Social Media?
Yvonne:  For an up and coming author, it is the best way to get the needed exposure to be known and to also promote.

Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?
Yvonne:  Facebook

Carèle: Why?
Yvonne:  It is the one that I am the most familiar with even though I am learning how to better manage the other social media networks.

Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?
Yvonne:  I will be able to sell my books and engage my readership in a meaningful way.

Carèle: Why? 
Yvonne: It is important to me that I be connected to the people that support my work.

Carèle: What is the word success means to you?
Yvonne: Nothing worth anything is ever easy to achieve and once it is, success is sweet.

Carèle: What is the name of your business?
Yvonne:  I am an author and my upcoming book is entitled Crying Girl.

Carèle: Can you describe in which industry your business is with the services and products you offer?
Yvonne:  I am in the writing and publishing industry.

Carele: Why did you decide to start this kind of business?
Yvonne: Very good question.  Literary agents want to see that an author is willing to put in the work to build their social media platform and self-promote.  I’ve started my own promotional campaign in order to play an active role in selling my book.

Thank you very much Yvonne Brown!

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Interview with Yvonne Brown — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the interview Carele!! It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing what we both believe are important! Best wishes to you!

    Yvonne Brown