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 Meire Weishaupt PhotoCarèle:
Is your company present on some Social Networks?

Carèle: On which ones?
Meire: You can find Khronos Design on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ . 

On LinkedIn, at the moment, I prefer to participate in a more personal manner, and this is happening on Google+ too.

Carèle: What do you like the most about Social Media?
Meire:  What I like the most on social media is the dynamism provided by the development of the technology, the constant learning process involved and the possibility of finding like-minded people, colleagues, partners, and, of course, potential customers.

Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?
Meire:  That’s a difficult question to answer. I would say I like all of them for their specific reasons, even the ones that myself or Khronos Design still don’t have a presence on.

Carèle: Why?
Meire:  For example, I like Facebook because of its popularity and engagement, but I just love to get lost in the images and graphics of Pinterest. When it comes to LinkedIn, I admire the professionalism of people participating and also the myriad of information you find in the groups. I think the “fast-track” that Twitter offers is fabulous, and Google+ is great for search rankings and will take over the world sometime soon for sure.

Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?
Meire:  I don’t have a clear vision about my social network presence in 5 years.

Carèle: Why? 
Meire:  I believe that for everything there is a season, and I think that the challenge of each business owner is to identify exactly where it’s important to have a presence, and how this presence should help in the development of their business in that moment will depend on their priorities and where their clients are.

Carèle: What is the word success means to you?
Meire:   My motto is: you have success when you continually achieve your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by your belief.

Carèle: What is the name of your business?
Meire:   My business’ name is Khronos Design

Carèle: Can you describe in which industry your business is with the services and products you offer?
Meire:  Khronos Design is a web design and web development studio based in Southern California. We work with startups, non-profit organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses.  Our services include custom website design, website development, WordPress – Blog Design, and graphic design for social media pages: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Carele: Why did you decide to start this kind of business?
Meire: As a civil engineer, I worked with computers all my professional life and discovered a passion for technology. To follow the innovations in web design and e-learning was just a natural path and a pleasant hobby since the beginning of the Internet. For me, I have always been curious and inspired for what is yet to come in terms of development in this field for my lifelong experience. I always ended up involved in the design of company and school websites when I worked in the corporate and education world, but never could really choose between design or development. When it came the time to have more flexibility in my personal life, I founded the studio to help my clients define and enhance their presence online.

Thank you very much Meire Weishaupt!

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