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Lorii AbelaCarèle:
Is your company present on some Social Networks?
Yes, Carele! There are gazillions of singles out there looking for their soul mate.  As a Soulmate Manifesting Coach, I should be present wherever the singles are to be of help to those who have been waiting be united with their true love.  How to find love can be a mystery for some. I have manifested my soul mate.  I think it will be a wonderful world if I can give light to others too through my coaching sessions and spreading tips here and there through social media.

Businesswise, it is a great practice since you can reach many people you never knew you can.  It is not just locally, but globally.

Carèle: On which ones?
I am present in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Delicious and Google+.  I am not sure if I missed anything but I am in the main ones.

Carèle: If not why?
I answered yes, but I would like to fill this up.  I think those who are not in social media networks are missing out. Even the Pope has started using Twitter and Facebook.


Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?
Lorii: Facebook.

Carèle: Why?
Lorii: Definitely my mentors will be questioning my choice of Facebook.  However, I probably would admit that Facebook has tricked me with all the visuals galore it has.  I am a social person so I see there is instant gratification in it.  Pretty much you would get instant response to what you posted from everyone.  Of course, it makes an emotional impact as close friends do respond, too.  My personal friends do not use Twitter.  I am sure they are happy using Facebook solely. Even though I want to be fascinated with Twitter, it is not doing it for me…at least for now.

Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?
Lorii: To tell you frankly, I do not have a clear picture.

Carèle: Why?
Lorii: Social media networks evolve all the time.  It is something that I can’t control.  All that I am sure for now is that I have to adjust with whatever these social media biggies are directing the trend to. If I still am showing great analytics whatever matrix it is going to be 5 years from now, that is a gold mine.

Carèle: What is the word success means to you?
Lorii: Success is a process.  It is happening every day.  Constantly, everyone experience success and they are not aware as in their mind it is something major.  The culmination or what most people refer as “success” is a result of the accomplishments or the successes that you are doing every day.

Carèle: What is the name of your business?
Lorii: My company is called Manifesting My Destiny, Ltd.  I believe that one can create one’s destiny and so I named it as such.

Carèle: Can you describe in which industry your business is with the services and products you offer?
Lorii: It depends on what is on the drop down menu of selection. My business has been added in these categories: lifestyle, relationship, singles and dating, coaching, self-help, self- development and publishing.

Carele: Why did you decide to start this kind of business?
Lorii: I love coaching and helping people.  I have manifested my soul mate using the process I teach and so I have felt I can take the responsibility of giving back and share happiness to people.  There is so much loneliness out there.  It is about time to perk up, spread some cheer and love in whatever way I can and know.

Thank you very much Lorii Abela!

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Interview with Lorii Abela — 36 Comments

  1. What an interesting interview! It’s so wonderful when someone turns around and helps others because of her own experience. Thanks for a greater insight into what Lorii is all about!

  2. Carele, great interview with Lorii. When I first met Lorii, I was thinking why would I gain from following her and why would she gain from my following.. in July I will have been married to my soul-mate for 52 years. Surprise, surprise, it has been an enriching relationship as her 1st response to me was asking me to share experiences from my long-term relationship that could have an impact on those who are searching for their soul-mate. In doing so, I have received such a blessing by thinking through things I had long forgotten and it has also made me realize that others can benefit from my input. Thank you, Carele and Lorii.

  3. Wonderful interview, Carele! Such a great idea to get these interview done and this way bringing more awareness and visibility for someone who can make such a difference in someone’s life.

  4. I love coming back and reading your interviews. They provide a little windows into what others are doing to help. Totally wonderful that Lorii is helping so many people, using social media as her method to connect. Thanks for sharing this Carele.