Interview with Kate Lassila

Is your company present on some Social Networks?

Carèle: On which ones?
Kate: RootieBirds maintains a presence on several social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, and LinkdIn.  

Carèle: What do you like the most about Social Media?
The opportunity to interact with others is an important part of running a business. Getting personal and finding out each individual’s unique way of being can open up fresh avenues for creative inspiration. I used to want to shine my own light. Lately, I find  learning about each individual and the spark that makes them glow brings not only   profound insight, but adds a new dimension to my perspective. There’s always something new to learn; and the more I learn I find how little I really know…this piques my curiosity!

Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?
Kate:   As far as personal interaction, Facebook has a platform that allows us to connect and share with so many souls that I have not found on the other social networks. The less I promote product and strive to interact…the more  genuine connections made.  Artistically, I find Tumblr to be inspirational, though the interaction is just not available (or perhaps I just haven’t figured it out yet). The community that I connect with on Tumblr is younger; the sharing is on another level…it’s a different voice…incredibly artistic. For me, Tumbler is like slicing out a little piece of my soul for someone to take a peek at.  Being able to see how the younger generation looks at the world has opened up a fresh vision for RootieBirds.  It took me several months to figure out how to connect effectively on Tumblr, but it was time well spent.

Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?
Kate:  The future vision for RootieBirds includes added awareness and support for those who live with what is labeled as mental illness. I would like to incorporate free tools to assist each person on their journey. I live with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia and can empathize; I would like to uplift, and in turn, be inspired. Already this futuristic vision is materializing through RootieBirds WordPress blog, sharing my personal and raw reflections with depression has allowed me to connect with others who share similar experiences, and gives those who haven’t experienced mental illness a glimpse into that world.

Carèle: What is the word success means to you?
Kate:  Such a simple question. Such a complex answer. In this physical realm, success hinges on the ability to support my family and provide assistance to others. Personally, the capability to stimulate each person to the realization that they are perfect, just as they are, is important for me. Emotionally, I celebrate success each time I am able to shine a light that enables one person to step up out of the darkness and see the brilliance that they alone can gift to the universe.

Carèle: What is the name of your business?
Kate:   RootieBirds – Chakra Your Karma

Carèle: Can you describe in which industry your business is with the services and products you offer?
Kate:  RootieBirds is the source for unique, artisan jewelry; handcrafted in complex, dynamic designs that celebrate individuality and showcase the beauty of the spherical gemstone.  The added bonus of any RootieBirds purchase is that you are taking part in a mission to hold up a mirror and reflect the unique beauty of individuality that shines so brightly, even in the darkness.

Carele: Why did you decide to start this kind of business?
Kate:   I am an artist. My spirit’s purpose is to create…my soul’s mission is to assist others living with mental illness. I started this business after suffering from severe depression. I reached out for help and was informed that I needed more assistance than the agencies that I approached could provide.  It is my goal that no one ever has to hear the words ‘I cannot help you’… It is my pleasure to be of service.

Thank you very much Kate!

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