Increase your Twitter Followers

Lots of people are asking how to increase their number of Followers on Twitter. A lot of ways exist. Here are just a few.

At the beginning of summer, I was sharing a Tip on my Facebook Fan page about the importance of always put some text before and after the @ when you mention someone on Twitter. I am writing it again because I still see lots of people not doing it. Why is it so important? If you put text only after the @, only your followers will see your Tweet. If you are putting text before and after the @, the followers of your followers will see it so this way you will obtain a better chance of increasing your list.

Take also the time to follow 10 new people per week. Do RT-retweet on their messages that you find helpful. Follow back also people who just started to follow you unless it is not the type of person you want to follow. Thank also people that started following you.

Post new tweets everyday and more than one because everybody’s tweets goes around really fast on Twitter.

This is only small tips and there is still a lot to discover. Like your Facebook Fan page, your Twitter success will be to create good relation with your followers and not only to follow people.

To your success,

Carele Belanger


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