Have you heard of Google Reader?

Are you like me and have lots of website that you like, but because of life speed you don’t have the time to visit them each week and there is so much out there.

I love simplicity and rapidity, this interesting tool offer by Goggle is called: Google Reader.  It is a great way to classify blogs that you like and read them regularly, being informed of the latest news and even find new interesting blogs to follow.

To have access to Google Reader, you have to have a Gmail account. Once your Gmail account is created, you can access to Google Reader at this following address:  www.google.ca/reader

At your left, click on the Subscribe button. After, in the space that appeared under the Subscribe button, write either the website URL that you are looking for or a subject that you like. (see the image below)

In this example, I wrote  “travel”, lots of blog travel appeared. Then, you just have to click on the website Subscribe button that you want to follow and keep in your Google Reader. (see the image below)

You can also organize your websites by files and preference. Then, each time that you will open your Google Reader, the last articles of your favorite websites will appear and you will only have to click on them and read them.

To your success,

Carele Belanger


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