6 reasons why use Google Plus vs Facebook for your business

google plus vs facebook



I receive a lot of these following questions: What is the difference between Google Plus vs Facebook? Is it important to use Google Plus as an entrepreneur?

1-The power of the circles

Google Plus offers the possibility to classify people you follow, by circles which are like folders. So when you post, you can show it only to certain circles of specific areas, which is a great way to target your customers.

On its part, Facebook does not offer this option with their business pages where it makes the posts lot more general.

2-The speed of Google Plus’ SEO

It is almost instant, at least it is not uncommon to see your post appearing in Google search results on the same day that you posted it. Of course it is important to insert specific keywords in your title and put some hashtag links at the end of the post. This will greatly help your ranking, or even appear on the first page!

With Facebook, you will not find the same SEO speed.

3- The power of the +1

In addition with Google Plus, when a person clicks on +1 on your post, every people of the person’s list will see your post.

With Facebook, they constantly changes their algorithm. Typically only 16% or less of your people will see your posts.

4- Less focus on the advertisement purchase

When you post on Google Plus, your post becomes visible to every people who follow you. Google Plus is much more flexible.

Facebook has so many rules regarding the news feeds and its algorithm that it becomes difficult for pages to appear there. The main purpose of Facebook is to sell advertising, which is very legitimate. In another way, we are now overload by advertisements, which harasses a lot of people.

5-The Power of Communities

Google Plus communities are like basic groups with a lot more options than Facebook. You can create direct links to your website. You can also create folders with different subjects which accelerate the access to specific topics when people visit your community.

On Facebook, people have mentality to only post their products and services. It is also very difficult to search for a specific topic. You will quickly see that groups have a lot of posting at the beginning, then people gradually lose interest and the group has no more purpose.

6-Demonstrate your expertise

The ability to create web-conferences that will be broadcast on the web and YouTube later, creates an even better visibility. Once the “hangout” is finished, you simply have to accept to publish it on YouTube. It is not uncommon that when doing Google searches with specific keywords, to see hangouts appear in search results. Only a small number of people can participate in Hangouts but there is no limit to the number of people who will watch it later 😉

Facebook does not provide any powerful tool like this.


During the last two years, Facebook has done so many changes that does not help entrepreneurs. This is why Google Plus is gaining momentum, and very quickly. According to studies, there is currently a faster growth with posts’ share on Google Plus than on Facebook. In 2016, Google Plus is expected to exceed the amount of posts sharing compare to Facebook. A social network which is growing at a very high speed. This is why it is so important to increase our presence on Google Plus, one thing I regularly mention to entrepreneurs.

If you’re not active on Google Plus, what’s stopping you?

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