I give, I don’t give, I give …

Oh dear Facebook which is now synonym with constant changes and headaches for many. Facebook shows less and less business page’s posts in the news feed simply because they want entrepreneurs to purchase advertisements. This is normal, Facebook is a business.

To purchase Facebook ads is one way to be more seen in the newsfeed. Now here is another way. On Facebook as on any other social networks in general, it is important to avoid falling into the trap of only posting and never take the time to leave comments on other pages. As in life in general, there is the principle of “Give and you shall receive”.

One way to increase your business page visibility and traffic is to create a synergy with other entrepreneurs. To do this, it is important to create interests lists on Facebook.

I invite you to watch this following video to learn how to create lists.

So is it necessary to reduce our presence on Facebook? No, it is always important to be there every day. I do not recommend you spend most of your time there. I encourage entrepreneurs to invest more time on Linkedin and Google Plus, Google Plus being very powerful.


Take time to create interest lists of all kind and targeted on Facebook, and keep the human side which will greatly help your business.


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