Give in return in your Social Networks

One month ago, I wrote an article: Creating relationships or looking to sell? I was talking about how important it is to learn about the new people who are joining your Social Networks instead of trying to sell them your products and services.

When I talk about products and services, it is the same thing for website addresses, Fan pages, Twitter, etc. On my Facebook Fan page ( , a month ago, I started a Facebook Fan page day on Mondays. I ask people to share their Fan page URL in the comment box. In return, I ask people to commit to go and click « LIKE » on other people’s page, and take time to leave at least one comment on one post of the person’s page.

It is really simple, it is a great way to increase your visibility and to help others. A lot of people are doing it and I am so grateful for it. This is a proof that some people really care about other people’s success and that they will certainly succeed too.

In another way and sadly, I still see people, week after week, come and post their link, and never take the time to click « LIKE » on others page and leave at least one comment also.  These same people are wondering why success is so difficult to obtain. 

On Social Networks, when you don’t give in return and do not respect your commitments, it is the same thing that if you would try to sell your products and services.

I will always repeat it, and lots of people are saying it: People will always buy you first before buying your products and services. Create fantastic relationships and you will see the magic appear into your life.

To your success,

Carele Belanger


Give in return in your Social Networks — 35 Comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Carele. I often neglect this simply because I am not sure how to return the favor for various social media – for instance, can you tell me the proper etiquette for thanking new Twitter followers?

    • I usually post on twitter a Thank you for the #follow @……(the name) have a great day. Always put text before and after the @(mention)…this way your follower and their follower will see it. I often do a retweet of one of their tweet if I feel i am ok with the post. And I follow them unless it is really not the kind of follower i would like to follow. Have a great day Rhonda

  2. Dear Carele,

    Since the days at PP courses people could feel the great energy that you keep spreading around!

    I´m glad that you´re doing great!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in out worlds we forget to thank the people who helped get us to where we are .

  4. Thanks for this great reminder. I have a separate facebook account with 1500+ folks. I have only interacted with a few. Consequently, when I post something or tell them about my book launch, there is no response….I have not built any relationships there.

    • Not always easy. I am now participating in less group to make sure I take time and fill my commitment.

  5. this is true.. I have had wonderful success in business with people that already know me though my efforts to reach out to them and get to know them! I had wonderful as success with my first business because I started it after I had developed many contacts and friendships on social media. It’s all about the relationship and level of trust!

  6. I am learning more and more about how to use social media. I was told it was a great way to promote my books and business. I had no idea how to use it though. Thanks for the tips!

    • Speak and write from your heart. Get to know people. Help people. And you’ll see the rest will come itself.

  7. I think sometimes people unintentionally over promise and sometimes “life” happens. Those that consistently do this, I agree, still have a few things to learn.

  8. People who are too concerned with mixing the personal and professional probably do not see a lot of extra business as a result of social media. I’m not talking about revealing things that ought to be personal, but rather letting your customers see who you are first. If they are sold on you as a person, they are going to be more interested in what you do. These are called “social” networks for a reason!

  9. So true that we can over commit! You are so spot on that people need to buy into us before they will buy our stuff! Great post 🙂

  10. Great reminder, Carele. Social media is about relationships first. Treating folks the same way you would treat them face to face is important.

  11. I think many people are so money hungry that all their focus is on selling and not on building relationships. Social media is about building relationships and I applaud you for writing this article because by doing so you are teaching people the importance of relationships in social media.