Get results because of Social Medias

Sometimes I hear entrepreneurs saying Social Networks are not working or it doesn’t bring them back any return.

Then I visit their pages and quick I understand why.

I invite you to look at this short video.

If you are following me already on my social networks, you can see all the actions made and all the time. For example, with my Facebook business page, I regularly get requests for my products and services, and this, without really posts about selling something.

You also can obtain results through your Social Medias if you take the decision to be in Action and persevere!

To your success,

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Get results because of Social Medias — 40 Comments

  1. Thanks for the video Carele, I, also think that social media is to get social and not for selling! We really need to be active, and listen too!

  2. Great article. Social media is wonderful when you know how best to use it but it does take some time to develop your networks! Thank you.

  3. When social media is used properly it can be a very effective tool and you can drive tons of traffic to your site. Remember social media is meant to be social and you can’t take that out of the equation.

  4. Great video! It is all about taking action and staying in front of your audience. I teach that will all my business builders. Keep up the great work.

  5. Excellent video and vital information for our business success. Using social media is essential but using effectively is something we all need to learn to do better.

  6. Carele – you’re so right. Sometimes we have to let go of the to-do lists and the ‘wanna do’s’ and decide on a plan of action that will get us there! Period!

    Great video!