Is Facebook promoted post tool is a good thing?

The other day, when navigating on Facebook’s news feed, I was seeing articles’ sponsored post, which people have to pay for this feature. So I was wondering why people would do this for articles also.

When you are on your business Facebook page and make a new post, you can also promote it for three days with a minimum cost of $5.

promoted postIs the use of this feature a good thing and bring results?  To have used it already, yes.  Now, it is not suggested using it for every type of post unless you are only looking for more comments on your post, and if this is the case, then why pay for a Facebook promoted post?

It is important to know what kind of results you are looking for. I suggest using promoted post if you are posting about a gift, a contest, an event, a web conference, a new product, a new group. This way you will increase your email list and you will start to create new relations that will eventually bring new sales.

In the case of a promoted article post, it can be excellent if in your article, you inserted links towards your products and services or a call to action. If not, it is like paying for nothing. It is important to have a goal behind before paying to promote a post.

Once the promoted post is activated, this post will be towards the top in the news feed so a better visibility and better results.

I invite you to use the Facebook promoted post feature by having an action plan first.

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Is Facebook promoted post tool is a good thing? — 41 Comments

  1. I have used them at times and have increased the number of people who have seen the post, and occasionally that’s led new people to my page and created new likes. But now that I know about them, when I see a promoted post at the top of my FB page, I feel funny knowing they paid to promote the post. I think your suggestions to use the promotion for a contest, an event, or an announcement of something new make the most sense. Thanks for opening up this topic for discussion, Carele!

    • Exactly Josie. We need to have a plan so it can brings us results. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Excellent article. I’ve used the FB promote feature a few times without creating a clear goal. I just wanted to test and see what happened. Some of the posts garnered new ‘likes’ to my page and more comments than typical. It definitely works, and so I agree with you that having a definitive goal behind using this feature makes sense.
    Thanks! – Suzie

  3. This is great advice, Carele. We just added a tab to our FB page and we will try out a promoted post to see if it meets the goal of more signups through that tab. Thanks!

  4. I have not tested these yet as I am just getting my new branding done. Its on the list though. Great insight!

  5. I’ve often wondered what it means when that message pops up sometimes when I post something on FB.. now I know. I appreciate the guidelines you mentioned on whether it is worth the investment. Good info.

  6. Great information Carele. I didn’t realize the importance of laying out a campaign as it were for using the promoted post feature on Facebook. Thank you now I understand and will be able to better utilize the impact it can make for my readers.

  7. Promoted posts offer one more tool in the quest to gain potential clients. I like the idea of using them to promote contests and the like. Thanks for the information!

  8. This is such a great blog! I am soooooo glad you told folks to focus on selling something or directing visitors to something they have to offer, or build their list when PAYING for promoting a post 🙂 This is great, a lot of folks are getting sucked into paying to promote just for a popularity contest and that would be nonsense to pay for 🙂 This is so fabulous – thanks for sharing!

  9. I have used the promotion for an event I was having…and for $6, I was able to reach 1200 people with a post that normally would have reached about 50…it was great to know that the word was getting out there!

  10. I have promoted a few of my posts and 90% of the time I don’t get very many likes. I prefer to get the tried and true method of driving traffic to my site using social interaction.

    • the basic of the fan page is to get interaction and bring people to your website. The mistake that lots of people are making is to promote any post. Having a plan with results is the best to use this feature. For example, recently, i promoted my free gift…link to my newsletter website. For $5 i’ve got 14 new people subscribing to the newsletter which is great. Now my role is to send twice a month a great newletter with call to action. I did this in the past, and I know eventually these new people will become customers or will refer my website. This is why a plan is important. I did a contest in the past and got 50 new people registered…..50 new people in my mailing list too. I never promote any post just for having more comments. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  11. Very interesting and practical article Carele. I have seen the promoted post for a long time and wondered what type of impact it would have on posts. Thank you for the info!

  12. Thanks a lot for your post Carele, I think that it is really important to have a plan and know why and what for you are using the promoted post. Great advice in having a call to action!

  13. …and I believe you notes the key thing – a solid action plan to “Promote Posts” (Boost Posts now). If it serves your business objective then great. If it does not then you may as well burn the $5. Have the plan first. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing this Carele.

  14. We were just contemplating the idea of a promoted post for our offers, so this is great timing! I will take your tips into consideration, definitely having a plan is key!