Have you heard of the Facebook “Likes” panic syndrome ?

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Facebook is still the number 1 social network, and right now there is a panic that we can feel in the entrepreneur’s world and their Facebook fan pages.

The questions I hear often are: “How can I increase the number of “likes” on my fan page?” or “My competitors have a lot more “likes” than I, why?

I confess that I would prefer to receive questions as: “How can I make sure that people who follow me on my networks, will also subscribe to my newsletter?” Or “How to increase my sales through social networks?

Get rid of the competition spirit

The first thing to do is to remove the competitive spirit because everyone is unique and has something that will attract a specific clientele.

As for Facebook fan pages, there are topics which some pages will attract a lot more attention than others and this is normal. The goal will always be to inform people who follow you about your field from the start and  this is the reason why they are following you.

Now, I will help you remove the stress of competition. What you need to know about the Facebook “Likes” is there are still many entrepreneurs who buy, from external companies, “Likes” like 1000, 5000, 10,000 at a time, and for less than $ 100. Oh that looks nice on their pages, but I’ll tell you a secret, these kinds of “Likes” are created with fake profiles so fake people who will never comment on their page. So a strategy to not use at all.

Facebook Ads

There are more and more entrepreneurs who pay for Facebook ads and I highly recommend it. One thing I teach about Facebook ads is not to focus on the number of “likes”, but rather use it for an opportunity to increase their contact list for their newsletter. There are still a lot of entrepreneurs who focus only on paying for Facebook ads to increase their “likes”. Yes it works too, but I have to say that targeting the “Likes” on advertising brings many people who won’t participate on your page. People see these ads in their news feed  and click like. Many entrepreneurs do not target their customers so this will bring only more “Likes”.

Visit these people’s fan pages and you will see mostly ghosts pages: a huge number of “likes”, lots of posts, but no interaction with their potential customers. Sad isn’t it? With the recent Facebook changes on its way to show your posts to others, it is normal that pages are receiving less comments and actions, but there is a difference between this and a ghost page.


And now, about the number “People are talking about“. Too many are in panic still with this number. Facebook spends its time to change the rules. There are entrepreneurs who continually pay for Facebook ads so their numbers will be higher, because of course Facebook prioritizes the ads, while we can not know which pages are advertising or not. Also for the pages where their number of fans is growing fast in a week, no matter if they are real fans or false ones, this figure will be higher.

Rather than dwell on this, it is important to regularly check your own statistics in your admin panel, you’ll love your figures and they are often better than what is displayed to the public.  For sure I teach how to increase the number of “likes” on fan pages, but doing it by prioritizing relationships building and action increase.

So I invite you all to focus on what you do best, teaching things to people who follow you on your fan page and drop all emphasis on competition.

And you, what are you focussing on, on your Facebook fan page?


Have you heard of the Facebook “Likes” panic syndrome ? — 31 Comments

  1. I don’t have a large number of ‘Likes’ on my Page but I do have fans who engage, which is important for me. As you rightly pointed out, even if there aren’t too many people ‘talking about’ the Page, the analytics show a very different story. Many marketing coaches teach us that social media is the outpost and the hub of all activity should be one’s website. So as long as the Page is able to provide value to the visitor and take them to the website for a more formal and business-like dialogue, then that is worth a super Like!

  2. Likes are important to have but engagement is equally important. Having relationships with those people is important to your overall business. It is not all about numbers but more importantly about the content you are sharing and the value that is within your page. What you have to offer will bring the people and the likes you desire.

  3. It’s not healthy to stress too much about competitors and what their numbers are because that doesn’t always mean anything. Instead you should only focus on yourself and how you can improve and build relationships like you said! Great post!

  4. Great post! I agree that if you continue to be of service to your target audience you will attract folks. And having a smaller number of more engaged people is WAY better than a large number of Likes and no one really visits your page or engages.

  5. I agree with the premise that it’s good to have a large number of likes but I want my fans to interact with me, leave comments, enjoy what I’m posting. There’s always this push to have more Likes than the other guy. It’s a competition which may not translate into sales.

  6. facebook is still a very good platform, but it does make you wonder if all the time you invest in posts is helping if no one sees them. Sure you can pay to promote, but I would rather spend my money elsewhere

  7. Awhile ago I thought my business was my Facebook page. Fortunately I caught that but the truth is, I love my fans but the fans who engage, who I can count on to come to my page and comment. This engagement encorages me to put the time in. I do the same for them because I genuinely like them, their posts, etc. As my page grows with likes, I want meaningful ones.

  8. Facebook is still a very strong platform. It just that Facebook matured and that they have their reasoning’s for their algorithm. It’s unfortunately that the engagement isn’t the same as before, unless you pay in but nonetheless it’s still a business.

  9. I think back on how online business has changed over the years … and FB with it! Because it’s ever-changing, you can’t afford to NOT invest the time to stay abreast or you’ll find the results of your FB ads plummeting from one day to the next. I haven’t decided to dedicate enough time to justify the investment yet, so for now it’s theoretical for me.

  10. Carele, you really put things in perspective here. Sometimes the competitive spirit gets the best of some people and all they focus on are the “Likes!” It seems they forget that the reason for having a business is to make a profit. FB likes will not get us customers, interaction and involvement will. I am happy with the changes, I feel that I’m getting to know the individuals who visit my pages. The benefit to advertising on FB is that you can select the geographic area and set tags. It’s a much more efficient way to get new customers…it enables a business to reach customers that are looking for what that business sells.

  11. This is an excellent and most needed post Carele. Too many entrepreneurs are focused on the number of ‘likes’ and not the real gem, which is engagement. The whole point of the exercise is to develop relationships, which takes time. Great job – and thank you!

  12. This really made me laugh because I’ve so been there (OK, I can be there regularly!) It’s all too easy to get hung up on facebook likes, shares etc. – especially since FB changed the rules again and those ‘people who saw this post’ number is around 10% of what it was 6 months ago – even with twice the likes on my page!

  13. You are so right… the number of ‘likes’ does not necessarily indicate success. I would much rather people show a genuine interest in my FB posts so we can build a relationship of trust and dependability.

  14. “focus on what you do best, teaching things to people who follow you on your fan page and drop all emphasis on competition.” You hit it spot on, Carele. Forget the competition and focus on interaction and showing your expertise…