Facebook Ads: Be Careful!

On Facebook, we can pay to do ads and also promoting our posts. A concept that I like and which I use with success. For sure there are strategies to use so that it can bring you results which it is something I teach.

But, because Facebook really wants people to pay for ads, I am showing you in this video something very important to be careful with, if you do not want unexpected fees.

Enjoy the video!

Partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger

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Facebook Ads: Be Careful! — 28 Comments

  1. Wish I had seen this last week. Accidentally clicked a text only boost & took a day to figure out how to stop it. Other day I WANTED a post boosted and FB rejected immediately-over 20% text on image. I want to post FB ads or boosts for holiday sales but no time to read ins & outs. I appreciate seeing this video as its my best way to learn. Thanks

  2. Great tips! We love Facebook ads and have had great success with them. Thanks for sharing this as I’ve seen a few times an invoice from FB that was more than expected.

  3. Thank you for this information. I haven’t used facebook ads for these very reasons. And I don’t mind telling you I’m still facebook shy. One reason is facebook is not picked up by google (google owns and recognized google+) and I’m working harder to build my audience there.

  4. Thank you Carele. Appreciate that. The exact same thing happened to me but fortunately I saw what was going on and was able to stop it before I spent too much money. Going in to take out my method of payment right now! cheers.

  5. Wow! I haven’t tried Facebook Ads yet but I’m really glad I read your post. Great catch on that automatic $100 authorization. Pinned it and sharing it! THANK YOU!

  6. Great tips, Carele. I also rolled my mouse over the boost post and quickly noticed that an ad had been created for one of our posts. I was able to cancel it right away.