The egg or chicken

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While we are still asking ourselves who came first, the egg or the chicken, lots of entrepreneurs are wondering if they have to build their social networks account or website first.

I regularly get the question about if it is better the website to be online before creating our social networks’ profiles. My answer is always: No and to wait would delay your business propulsion.

For sure, to have a website is a must, even more, a blog and a newsletter being essential.  When your website gets on Google, in general, it won’t be the first month that it will appear on the first page, and in some cases, it will take months. Statistics say that the majority of people look up to the first 8 results on Google when they do a specific search.

And this is why Social Media is so important and has to be taken seriously. On social networks, you can reach thousands of people in your niche, ensure they learn about you, and that you learn about them. And this way, you will gain credibility.

It is important to remember that now millions of people sell on the web. Millions of entrepreneurs are also present on the social networks. So if people find your site on the web, why would they buy from you? And on networks, most posts should not always be sales of products and services, because remember that there are many others on the market.

Social Networks are the best place for this. A place to share tips, opinions, participate to groups, allow people to get to know you better and develop the trust between you and your future customers. 85% of my clients come from social networks and yet you rarely see me make posts for selling my products and services. I share a lot and interacts, and people can feel my human side behind the web where trust and credibility grow.

In addition, having your social networking accounts created, you will also be listed on Google with these profiles. When people will do a search on Google for specific words, not only your website will appear, but also your social networking profiles. More you will appear on Google search, more people will want to know what you are doing.

If your website is not online yet or is under construction, do not hesitate to immediately create your social networking profiles so you can speed up the process. From the beginning, you can start publishing tips, and even insert links so that people enroll in your newsletter. People will always buy from you before your products and services. Networks are the best ways to show your colors.

To your success,

Carèle Bélanger

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The egg or chicken — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you again for a great article Carele. I neglect my website for a bit while I spent a lot of time on fb. Now I am “spreading the love” over different social networks and my blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I thought the website should be up first but since the relationship of the network takes time, now I think you should be building your social network first.

  3. It makes sense, Carele, to have momentum when the website gets launched. In fact, it can be built in parallel with growing the social media exposure, knowing that any delays (and there are often delays with new sites) will be less critical because the social support continues to grow …

  4. Great article Carele, and you’re so right! Social media is the most effective tool for sharing your business with your network; but the network must be established first! Thank you for sharing this.