Do you have your Google + community

membresGoogle + was founded in June 2011, and recently came out with their new communities, in December 2012.

What is a Google + community? Somehow, we can compare it to Facebook group. There are more advantages to use a community rather than a Facebook group. People who are on Google + are not the same people as on Facebook. With communities, you can sort your publications by subject, so it becomes faster for people to get access to them.

With Google +, you can put your people into different categories called circle, therefore when you display a new publication, you can also share it with targeted people.

You have a specialty in your business, so create a specific community, target lots of people and invite them to join your community. We are in the beginnings of the communities and this is why the time is now to create one. People are searching in Google and when they arrive in the community section, they are looking for them with specifics keywords. So if yours appears now, since there are not a lot of communities yet, and especially if you expand it to the maximum, imagine the impact in a few months when already lots of communities will be created. Who will people go see? Often, it will be the most popular!

Go to your Google + account and start now your own community.

To your authentic success

Carele Belanger

PS: I invite you to join my community at:


Do you have your Google + community — 17 Comments

  1. Hum…hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks for opening my eyes to another way to think about Google+ and Communities!

  2. Thanks for the tip…I just created my own Google community, don’t you love people taking action on your advice??? Compelling reasons to do so (get in early) – love that!

  3. Excellent article Carele. Google+ Community is a brilliant way to be found on Google – not to mention the loads of resource that I get from those I have joined.

  4. Thanks Carele, I am learning an meeting alot of great new people from the Google+ communities. And yes, I am already a member of your community! 🙂