Do you have an action plan?

Do you have a plan?

It is obvious now that the Social Media world has become the universe of lots of people on this planet.

We can look at Facebook with over 750 million active users, Twitter with over 150 million active users and Pinterest near 8 millions.

So business people want to have their presence on Social Medias. At the same time, we all live an overbook lifestyle and Social Medias are unfortunately misunderstood by too many people still. People are trying to copy others without knowing if they really have success.

It is important to learn how Social Medias works, and once it is done, it is time to create our self an action plan. Why? To stop being caught at the last minute with the same question: « What will I post now? »

On your action plan, create a chart with each day of the week, the time you want to post and on with Social Medias. Fix in advance the number of post you want to do and then fill the chart.

In the long run, you will do adjustments and then always exactly follow your plan. This way you will see the simplicity of Social Media.

To your success!

Carele Belanger


Do you have an action plan? — 29 Comments

  1. Very true for most of us, as it can all get quite overwhelming with all the media options available, and new ones cropping up all the time. A chart for tracking is a great idea!

  2. I was just talking to my friend yesterday about having an editorial calendar where we schedule the topics that we would be writing about throughout the months and year. It really works plus it gives a great satisfying feeling

  3. Thanks, Carele for a great post. Having a schedule is so important so that you are using your time wisely. I found if I don’t stick to a schedule, I can get lost doing social media very easily, lol.