Difference between some Social Medias

As there are several social medias, it becomes normal to wonder how to use each one and sometime even going crazy about what to do. 

Let’s take a look at some of the main ones:

Blog:  In your couple, would you like to live with a spouse who remains seated all the time and never do anything? Probably not. Then for Google it is the same thing. Google loves action, like the new stuff and more you will have some on your web site, more Google will tend to better rank it in the search results. So the solution to your website is to have a Blog section. And a blog is there so you can create all kinds of articles: informative about your business or even about you, your expertise, and much more. The article does not need to be a novel and 300 words can be enough. When you take the habit of regularly write articles, you will mostly see a traffic increase on your website. 

Facebook: There are personal pages and business pages. Very important not to publish your business on your personal page and make the difference between the two. Facebook business pages are there to primarily communicate with your present customers and future user about tips, articles, news, etc. Facebook is really great to create new relationships!

Pinterest: Pinterest has his personal page and now its business page. It is the perfect tool for imaging your company, products & services and also who you are, your interests. You can even put your blogs’ articles. Be creative because an image worth a thousand words.

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn also has it personal and company pages. Use both! LinkedIn is very focused on the business side and is a network where you can develop new business contacts and even recruit. Groups of all kinds are available. It is strongly recommended to join 2or 3 and participate regularly.

Twitter:  Great place to communicate updates with your business partners, customers, also discover new people that are working in the same area as you or related ones.

Youtube:  People like to see who you are, what you are doing.  Completely take advantage of this network and create short videos about yourself, about your business also, and do them by keeping simplicity. Keep your videos short and you can even film yourself with your webcam.

Google Plus:  Google Plus has also its personal and business pages. Google + has similarities to Facebook and on the other hand, you will see that you can categorize people into circles and when you share new posts, you can share them with some circles only if you prefer. Google + belongs to Google so you can imagine that SEO can become excellent 😉

This is only a brief description of each one of these social medias and more is to come. What we have to mainly remember is to regularly post on each one of them, remain authentic in what you are doing and create new relationships!

Why did I write Blog in first? 

You will be able to learn more about it with a new project that will come out in 2013, created by my colleague Stephanie Hetu and myself. Stephanie is a marketing strategist expert and like me, she advocates the blog existence.

To your success,

Carele Belanger

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