Selling or not Selling

People often ask me how to sell on Social Networks and I always answer the same thing, do not sell. Then people ask me about the importance of being on certain networks? Well it is to grow your business and … Continue reading

Difference between some Social Medias

As there are several social medias, it becomes normal to wonder how to use each one and sometime even going crazy about what to do.  Let’s take a look at some of the main ones: Blog:  In your couple, would … Continue reading

What is a Social Media Manager?

The Social Media world is growing at a fast pace and in the business world, your presence is «must » if you are looking to increase your company’s visibility and traffic. Thanks to the internet, we can open our doors … Continue reading

You can now blur your Youtube video

Something new with Youtube. The human rights organisation will be happy and this is great.   We can now blur someone’s face in our Youtube video. We find anything on  YouTube, so this news will be very helpful for lots of people. … Continue reading