Increase your Twitter Followers

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Do you have an action plan?

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Have you heard of Google Reader?

Are you like me and have lots of website that you like, but because of life speed you don’t have the time to visit them each week and there is so much out there. I love simplicity and rapidity, this … Continue reading

Facebook Fans: bought or committed?

I still see fans pages who have purchased Facebook Fansto increase their number of LIKE. A very common practice. For a small amount of $, you can increase your Fan page to 10,000 at a very high speed. I admit … Continue reading

You can now blur your Youtube video

Something new with Youtube. The human rights organisation will be happy and this is great.   We can now blur someone’s face in our Youtube video. We find anything on  YouTube, so this news will be very helpful for lots of people. … Continue reading

Give in return in your Social Networks

One month ago, I wrote an article: Creating relationships or looking to sell? I was talking about how important it is to learn about the new people who are joining your Social Networks instead of trying to sell them your … Continue reading

What name to choose for your Facebook Fan Page?

When you start your Fan page, to decide a name is often something that a lot of people are asking themselves. Do I put the page under my name or do I find a business name or do I talk … Continue reading

Facebook: You can now program your status updates.

To make sure your business Fan page is more and more seen, it is important to regularly post new status updates. You cannot always be in front of your computer so the solution is to program in advance your status … Continue reading

Obtain more engagement on your Social Networks

No matter which Social Network you are using for your business, it is important to keep those pages active and create more engagement coming from people who are following you. We already know the importance of posting daily on Social … Continue reading