Have you heard of the Facebook “Likes” panic syndrome ?

Stressed businesswoman pulling her hair and yelling
Facebook is still the number 1 social network, and right now there is a panic that we can feel in the entrepreneur’s world and their Facebook fan pages.

The questions I hear often are: “How can I increase the number of “likes” on my fan page?” or “My competitors have a lot more “likes” than I, why?

I confess that I would prefer to receive questions as: “How can I make sure that people who follow me on my networks, will also subscribe to my newsletter?” Or “How to increase my sales through social networks?

Get rid of the competition spirit

The first thing to do is to remove the competitive spirit because everyone is unique and has something that will attract a specific clientele.

As for Facebook fan pages, there are topics which some pages will attract a lot more attention than others and this is normal. The goal will always be to inform people who follow you about your field from the start and  this is the reason why they are following you.

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Anthony Robbins is interested about what I do?

Social Media world is moving really fast and who didn’t wish once to be follow by a well known personality?

January 15th I received an email from Pinterest saying that Anthony Robbins start following my boards and repinned two of my pins.

Here is a screen shot of the email I received, in French:

Tony Robbins

With Pinterest, it is important to create boards about your business but also about your interest. No matter with which pin people will find you, at least they will find you and you will increase this way the chance they will look further into your other boards and read your profile.

Imagine the potential of visibility when someone like Tony Robbins share one of your pins on his board where he already has more than 5000 people following him only on Pinterest!

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Are you ready for more success in 2014?

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Like at the beginning of each year, to review our business goals is very important. Adding new ones and doing a yearly plan is even more important. It’s the same thing with social networks. Making a plan with specific goals is a must.

By being active on your Social Networks, what goals do you have?
What do you want to achieve?
How many new people on your networks you want?
How many new people on your newsletter list?
How many new customers?

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The egg or chicken

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While we are still asking ourselves who came first, the egg or the chicken, lots of entrepreneurs are wondering if they have to build their social networks account or website first.

I regularly get the question about if it is better the website to be online before creating our social networks’ profiles. My answer is always: No and to wait would delay your business propulsion.

For sure, to have a website is a must, even more, a blog and a newsletter being essential.  When your website gets on Google, in general, it won’t be the first month that it will appear on the first page, and in some cases, it will take months. Statistics say that the majority of people look up to the first 8 results on Google when they do a specific search.

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To share or not share others posts?

On Facebook like Google Plus,  we have the possibility to share others posts.
I often receive the following questions:
Is it a good thing to do ?
At what frequency should we do it?

First of all, on Facebook and Google Plus you are able to have a personal page and several business pages. It is important to make the difference between both.

When you share others posts on one of your business pages, make sure that it is in relation with your business field.

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Facebook Ads: Be Careful!

On Facebook, we can pay to do ads and also promoting our posts. A concept that I like and which I use with success. For sure there are strategies to use so that it can bring you results which it is something I teach.

But, because Facebook really wants people to pay for ads, I am showing you in this video something very important to be careful with, if you do not want unexpected fees.

Enjoy the video!

Partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger

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How to get more readers for your articles

On top of having a website, it is important to have also a blog section. An extraordinary way for people to discover your articles is posting them on Social Media since millions of people are active every day. 

With your WordPress blog, you can add a social share plugin that will allow people when they read your articles, to share them on their own social networks with their audience.  Imagine the huge potential and visibility increase! This way you will always have the possibility to get more readers for your articles.

People who have one extension like this installed will see their articles propagating faster that those who do not have it. The reality is that we are living in a fast pace world where we can find tons of information.   I regularly explain to my clients the importance of keeping their social networks posts short, also to write articles with an average 400 words because if it is too long to read, people won’t take the time.  Yes people will leave comments under your articles but a lot more will want to just click on one social media icon and share them. It is faster for them and so fantastic for you!

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What type of entrepreneur are you among these three?

3d earth and businesswoman
In the daily life like on the web, we meet different types of entrepreneurs.

On Social Media, we can easily discover which type of entrepreneur people are.

Here are 3 types of entrepreneurs which we most frequently find on business pages like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and even LinkedIn:

ME entrepreneur:
– His posts are mainly about his products and services, his events, his business.
– He will never answer people who are leaving comments.
– His first goal is to sell without taking care of his clients needs.
– He will say that Social Media is not bringing any growth to his business.

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Interview with Sandy Gauthier

Is your company present on some Social Networks?

Carèle: On which ones?
Sandy: Facebook and Twitter 

Carèle: What do you like the most about Social Media?
Sandy:  I like meeting and engaging with people from all over the world  The ability to promote and provide the product from home and anywhere really.

Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?
Sandy:  Facebook

Carèle: Why?
Sandy:  I have met some incredible people, liked some very useful pages such as yours. I have the support from my family, friends, and Q Sciences all on one media outlet. It is also most familiar to me as I am new to social networking. I love posting pictures and captions of all my pets and other pets taking Q Pets. You can also order directly from page.

Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?
Sandy:  My vision in five years is to be successful helping people and their pets with Q Sciences products. To have a thriving business with a great team and know everything about social media possible. To be able to use these tools to promote and provide the products to as many people and pets possible that will benefit from them.


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3 reasons why you should use YouTube for your business

Lots of entrepreneurs still do not take time to create YouTube videos, often by not understanding the reason why they should have a presence. 

1-    Its huge popularity

More than 4 billion views per day. YouTube is the most popular network worldwide offering the possibility of publishing videos, and this for free. Do not pass by this huge opportunity. Always remember that people want to know who you are first.      Continue reading