6 reasons why use Google Plus vs Facebook for your business

google plus vs facebook



I receive a lot of these following questions: What is the difference between Google Plus vs Facebook? Is it important to use Google Plus as an entrepreneur?

1-The power of the circles

Google Plus offers the possibility to classify people you follow, by circles which are like folders. So when you post, you can show it only to certain circles of specific areas, which is a great way to target your customers.

On its part, Facebook does not offer this option with their business pages where it makes the posts lot more general.

2-The speed of Google Plus’ SEO Continue reading

3 solutions to attract your target customers with your social networks

target customers To attract your target customers, once you make the decision to create a social network account, it is important to keep them in action so people will get to know you better.

1-    Your profiles

It is important to complete each section of your profile. It is like your business card for people to discover who you are. Each section must be completed by going straight to the point without losing people with long texts.

2-    Constancy

Be constant and publish every day. Still too many entrepreneurs forget this most important step. This step is necessary for your credibility. Post 1 to 3 times per day and test to find your business magic number for posting . It should never be under 1 time per day. You are on vacation? Then, program everything in advance. I tend to do more business with entrepreneurs who are constant with their social networks as opposed to those who have a presence from time to time only. And by committing to post every day, take care also of the people who follow you and comment. What a beautiful way of building strong business relations!

3-    Keywords

You probably heard about the term SEO (search engine optimization). With the millions of websites on Google, to appear in the first pages of this search engine would help your website and also your target customers to find you faster. Inserting the best keywords for your business in your social networks is also essential because millions of entrepreneurs are now using them and because of using your ideal keywords, your customers will find you much faster.


Apply these 3 precious tips day after day, month after month, year after year and you will obtain success.


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5 basic tips to attract more clients with Linkedin


Linkedin is the network of choice for connecting with other professionals.

Depending on your business, you will find either clients or strategic alliances, or entrepreneurs who will refer you to others.

1- Profile picture:
Have you uploaded a profile picture? To connect with other people, it is important to have one, a professional one, one that represent who you really are. Nobody is willing to connect with profiles without a picture.

2- Title:
Do you have a short targeted work title under your name when we arrive on your profile? Avoid falling into the trap of being too general by only writing: coach or speaker or real estate agent, etc. Add to your title your uniqueness that sets you apart from others in the same field of expertise.

3- Sections:
Take the time to carefully fill each sections of your profile. Your profile represents yourself. It becomes your business card. Would you rather like to leave a feeling of credibility or emptiness ?

4- New connections:
Connect with new people every week. Take time to care about them and avoid taking them as a number. There are specific actions to take when you connect with new people and create a personalize connection.

5- Posts:
Make sure you regularly publish new posts, even every day. Your new posts will appear in your contacts’ news feed. You want people to remember who you are and wanting to learn more about you and your business.


One key is to distinguish yourself on Linkedin and these 5 basic tips will help you do so. There are certainly many more tips to get results on Linkedin. Something I teach in private coaching.


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I give, I don’t give, I give …

Oh dear Facebook which is now synonym with constant changes and headaches for many. Facebook shows less and less business page’s posts in the news feed simply because they want entrepreneurs to purchase advertisements. This is normal, Facebook is a business.

To purchase Facebook ads is one way to be more seen in the newsfeed. Now here is another way. On Facebook as on any other social networks in general, it is important to avoid falling into the trap of only posting and never take the time to leave comments on other pages. As in life in general, there is the principle of “Give and you shall receive”.

One way to increase your business page visibility and traffic is to create a synergy with other entrepreneurs. To do this, it is important to create interests lists on Facebook.

I invite you to watch this following video to learn how to create lists.

So is it necessary to reduce our presence on Facebook? No, it is always important to be there every day. I do not recommend you spend most of your time there. I encourage entrepreneurs to invest more time on Linkedin and Google Plus, Google Plus being very powerful.


Take time to create interest lists of all kind and targeted on Facebook, and keep the human side which will greatly help your business.


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5 reasons why use Google Plus for your business


Still too many entrepreneurs are afraid to learn how to use Google Plus for their business because they do not understand the benefits. However, Google Plus has more than 1 billion accounts with 359 million monthly active users and in second row before Linkedin and Twitter! It is growing at 33% per year since their beginning in 2011.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is essential to use Google Plus to promote your business:

1-    Google is the owner

This Social Network was created by Google which is the number one search engine on the web.  The potential of visibility is even bigger with a tool called:   “Authorship”  to fight against the plagiarism and to identify the author. Google asserts that contents with identified authors will more be prioritized.

Posts on your Google Plus page will even be ranked better than any other networks on Google search.

2-    Your posts visible by everyone Continue reading

Facebook posts: Strategy to apply on personal profile and business page

facebook personal
Facebook is still the number one social network. Entrepreneurs first seek to be known with a presence on this network.

Many wonder what to publish on their personal profile and the same for their business page commonly called fan page.

First, there is an important rule to follow and  coming from Facebook : “Promoting your business on your personal profile is forbidden. ” That being said,  many people do not follow this rule. What to remember is that Facebook would be entitled to delete your personal account if they discover business posts on it. Will they really do it?  Nobody knows if they will actually do it but it happened to some people in the past.

What to publish on your Facebook business page? Continue reading

Have you heard of the Facebook “Likes” panic syndrome ?

Stressed businesswoman pulling her hair and yelling
Facebook is still the number 1 social network, and right now there is a panic that we can feel in the entrepreneur’s world and their Facebook fan pages.

The questions I hear often are: “How can I increase the number of “likes” on my fan page?” or “My competitors have a lot more “likes” than I, why?

I confess that I would prefer to receive questions as: “How can I make sure that people who follow me on my networks, will also subscribe to my newsletter?” Or “How to increase my sales through social networks?

Get rid of the competition spirit

The first thing to do is to remove the competitive spirit because everyone is unique and has something that will attract a specific clientele.

As for Facebook fan pages, there are topics which some pages will attract a lot more attention than others and this is normal. The goal will always be to inform people who follow you about your field from the start and  this is the reason why they are following you.

Now, I will help you remove the stress of competition. Continue reading

Anthony Robbins is interested about what I do?

Social Media world is moving really fast and who didn’t wish once to be follow by a well known personality?

January 15th I received an email from Pinterest saying that Anthony Robbins start following my boards and repinned two of my pins.

Here is a screen shot of the email I received, in French:

Tony Robbins

With Pinterest, it is important to create boards about your business but also about your interest. No matter with which pin people will find you, at least they will find you and you will increase this way the chance they will look further into your other boards and read your profile.

Imagine the potential of visibility when someone like Tony Robbins share one of your pins on his board where he already has more than 5000 people following him only on Pinterest!

So regardless of the social network, the most important will always be to make sure your target customers find you quickly and easily. Continue reading

Are you ready for more success in 2014?

social networks success

Like at the beginning of each year, to review our business goals is very important. Adding new ones and doing a yearly plan is even more important. It’s the same thing with social networks. Making a plan with specific goals is a must.

By being active on your Social Networks, what goals do you have?
What do you want to achieve?
How many new people on your networks you want?
How many new people on your newsletter list?
How many new customers?

Once your goals are established, Continue reading