Beware of social networks impostors

Often in the past I have talked about this following phenomenon: People who have Facebook business pages and are buying thousands of fake Fans.

Recently, some people asked me how they can detect on a page if they bought fake fans or not. Let me show you how easy it is to discover it.

Go to the fan page and click on the LIKE application, like this following image. (You will find this application on the right side of the page where there are little squares. If you do not see the application among the first four, click on the arrow and you will see the other eight appear.)


When you see a huge increase in the number of fans, such as thousand new fans in one week, ask yourself some questions.

(see the graphic below)
FauxFan1                                                (3651 new fans in one week)

 Is it possible to increase our fan base by thousands of new people in a week?   Yes, with great strategies, or Yes if you use Facebook ads, or Yes unfortunately if you buy fake fans.

How to see if this huge increase happened because of real or false fans?

The best way is to go look if there is any action on the page. If the page is regularly publishing new post   and you see no or just a few: “likes, comments or share posts”, immediately doubt about this page. If a page suddenly gets a fan increase of thousands and thousands, and you don’t see any fans’ participation or just a few, this is a huge sign of fake fans.

“The number of people that talk about this” section will unfortunately be high when a page just bought fake fans, so you can’t rely on this number.

On the other hand, fake fans might have been bought long time ago and you won’t see it on the chart. If the page has 5000 Fans, 10,000 fans, that the person regularly makes new publications and you do not see anyone responding or just a few doing it, ask yourself questions because this is not normal.

One thing to understand is that paying for Facebook ads and getting lots of new fans from the ads is not buying fans. This process is excellent and brings you targeted fans who will engage on your page.

Pay attention to these details and beware of impostors. It is sad but unfortunately you will find impostors in any area of life. Once Facebook will realize that a page is filled with fake fans, they will remove them from the page anyway.

Someone also asked me the following question: “Is it true that people can use your photo and your name to create a new Facebook account?” Unfortunately yes, it exists. Facebook has no control over all the people who create fake profiles.   Don’t worry; this can happen more if you are very popular or if someone really hates you!  😉

You can continue to navigate on social networks and learn thousands of tips, just be careful.   The moral of all this is to stay yourself. Authentic people will be the winners in life.

partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger






Beware of social networks impostors — 31 Comments

  1. Thanks for showing us how we can find these imposters, Carele. It seems to easy to do. I believe, eventually they do get caught! I love what you wrote: “The moral of all this is to stay yourself. Authentic people will be the winners in life.” Absolutely! 🙂

  2. Great post. Just like anything else in life, if you try to cheat you’ll never get very far. Put in the time and effort and the results will be plentiful.

  3. Thank you so much for talking about that in your post Carele. It was very informative, it’s important that people be aware of everything online, as you sad it s difficult to avoid some things, but tips are always very welcome to understand what is happening with the fanpages!

  4. Thanks for this warning Carele. Imposters are very common on any social media platform, we may not have any control of it but whats important is to stay true. Love this part: authentic people will be the winners in life.

  5. Great post – yeah those pages crack me up that have 5000 likes and then the ‘people talking about this’ is like 3. Really? How’s that working out for ya? haha 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I do not really look much anymore at the ‘people talking about this’. Why? A page could have been really active at one point, got lots of fans and for a reason we don’t know, they decided to do lot less action…….this will lower that talking about number. Also, i the week that a page buys fans, that talking about number will be high, unfortunately!!!!! ANyway, authenticity is the best!

  6. These are great tips to discover genuine “likes” from fake friends and “likes” on Facebook. It makes me mad when people take a good thing and use it for bad purposes.

  7. Thanks so much for this info! I am too trusting…I would not have even thought that people would buy fake fans! Now I know to check more closely! Thanks!

  8. I am proud to say I have never bought fale fans on facebook an that mine are interactive. Thanks for sharing the clues. I lately notice in newsfeed that the posts now say “sponsored” when peeople pay so it is no secret.:)

    • Thank you for your comment. One important thing: sponsored story or ads in FB is not buying fans at all. Doing ads with FB is really important. This way you are getting real and targeting fans. What I was talking in the article is about people who go on website and buy thousands of fans. These fans are always fake profile!

  9. I had no idea you can see, without being the admin of a page, how their fan base looks and the growth over a certain period of time. Learned something new today, thanks 🙂

  10. I never have been able to figure out the value of a ‘fake’ fan. Fake is fake, no matter how you look at it. In the end, it does you no good. Makes you wonder though – if you have fake fans, do you have a fake business too? What a waste. Thanks for telling us how to recognize accounts like these. At least we’ll be able to spot and avoid them. Thanks Carele.

  11. Fantastic post. I didn’t know you could search others like page. I do know about the interaction piece. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome info. Blessings ~Katrina