3 solutions to attract your target customers with your social networks

target customers To attract your target customers, once you make the decision to create a social network account, it is important to keep them in action so people will get to know you better.

1-    Your profiles

It is important to complete each section of your profile. It is like your business card for people to discover who you are. Each section must be completed by going straight to the point without losing people with long texts.

2-    Constancy

Be constant and publish every day. Still too many entrepreneurs forget this most important step. This step is necessary for your credibility. Post 1 to 3 times per day and test to find your business magic number for posting . It should never be under 1 time per day. You are on vacation? Then, program everything in advance. I tend to do more business with entrepreneurs who are constant with their social networks as opposed to those who have a presence from time to time only. And by committing to post every day, take care also of the people who follow you and comment. What a beautiful way of building strong business relations!

3-    Keywords

You probably heard about the term SEO (search engine optimization). With the millions of websites on Google, to appear in the first pages of this search engine would help your website and also your target customers to find you faster. Inserting the best keywords for your business in your social networks is also essential because millions of entrepreneurs are now using them and because of using your ideal keywords, your customers will find you much faster.


Apply these 3 precious tips day after day, month after month, year after year and you will obtain success.


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