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On Bold radio Station on the Motivate and Manifest Success with Patricia Show:

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Dreamclass is touring all over Quebec  (PrLog: January22nd, 2015)
Dreamclass in Montreal (Pub Memo: Janueary 22nd, 2015)

Best Seller Co-Author

Best-Seller Co-Author of the book: « Thinking Upside down, Living Right Side Up »

I was approached to share a part of my story in this book. I said yes because the book’s mission was corresponding with who I am and I was seeing how this book could transform the life of lots of people. Everyone has that light inside of them and I wish them to connect back with it.

Here are 2 extracts of chapter 33 where my story appears:

« The first key to success is to love ourselves and accept that we must grow during every moment. We all have, inside of us, the full potentialto achieve our goals, our dreams, and things that we can’t even imagine yet…….

……As a woman, I wanted to acieve more, to be someone and to be independent. Having material things is fine but having the feeling of BEING someone is another thing, entirely. In 2004, when I was 33, I was tired of life and of being unable to find myself. »

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Carele with International Experts:

Justin Trudeau
With Justin Trudeau
(Leader of liberal party of Canada), in Montreal, August 16th 2014.


Genevieve Young Dream Class
With Genevieve Young
, founder of the Dream Class, in St-Eustache, Quebec, March 2014.


nadine lajoie nadine racing
With Nadine Lajoie
(international speaker), Montreal Quebec, April 2012.