Anthony Robbins is interested about what I do?

Social Media world is moving really fast and who didn’t wish once to be follow by a well known personality?

January 15th I received an email from Pinterest saying that Anthony Robbins start following my boards and repinned two of my pins.

Here is a screen shot of the email I received, in French:

Tony Robbins

With Pinterest, it is important to create boards about your business but also about your interest. No matter with which pin people will find you, at least they will find you and you will increase this way the chance they will look further into your other boards and read your profile.

Imagine the potential of visibility when someone like Tony Robbins share one of your pins on his board where he already has more than 5000 people following him only on Pinterest!

So regardless of the social network, the most important will always be to make sure your target customers find you quickly and easily. It is essential from the start. It makes me sad to see so many social networking entrepreneurs profiles not having the key elements that will ensure their target customers to quickly find them and start to be interested in learning more about what they do and thus become potential customers.

This is normal because we are in a world where everything moves fast, the social networks world is also moving fast, entrepreneurs want to succeed and make themselves known on networks. Wanting to do it well, they create their accounts thinking they will  immediately succeed, and unfortunately, it is missing key elements in their profiles without being aware of, after a few months discouragement is there, waste of time accumulates and no result occurs. And all this often cost more to entrepreneurs than if they would have hired social media experts from the start to establish their presence on Social Media so they can have results.

Once established, the beautiful world of posting begins. There are many tips to succeed.  The first one will always remain authentic in every post you do. Believe me, being a social media specialist, if I say this over and over again it is because I see non authentic post all the time.

Now, you as an entrepreneur, which known personality would you like them to begin  following you on your networks?


Anthony Robbins is interested about what I do? — 31 Comments

  1. I can imagine the surprise and pleasure when you saw this. Congratulations and kudos for being so smart to use it in a blog. I kinda remember seeing a notification about someone following me that really pleased and surprised me but I glossed over it and now can’t find it. I do look daily at my notifications and now will pay even closer attention. Who knows?

  2. Hi Carele,

    That rocks! Tony Robbins is also following me on Pinterest as well. You and I are one of the few lucky ones! Great post!

  3. How fun! It is always fun to get followed or mentioned by someone you respect. That experience sticks with you. Congrats on catching Tony Robbins’s eye! And I totally agree with you about authenticity. Never risk not having it – even once!

  4. Congratulations! What a nice surprise. Yes it is very important to make sure you are visible to the right audience and can be seen quickly. Being recognized by someone that has a great deal of influence is an honor.

  5. I remember getting a big thrill when I got a notification saying Les Brown was following me. It made my day. As I look over my followers now though, what touches me most is the large number of people I actually know because of my social media connections, and the number of verified business owners that are interested in my boards. That lets me know I’m reaching my intended audience on Pinterest. Fun post – thanks Carele!

  6. That is very exciting to have Anthony Robbins to follow one of your pins. Certainly could open lots of doors for you and establishes you with an amazing leader in the motivational field. Congratulations!