And if you were given another chance to live …

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About 4 days ago, I was on the 417 road in Ontario, Canada, so happy to go back at home in time to see my daughter hockey game tournament finals.  Suddenly, the winds rise and never I was expecting what was going to happen. Powerful winds blew snow across the highway to the point of having no more visibility or just seeing 3 feet ahead. At the same time, the road was completely covered of ice.

You are in the middle of a highway, driving 5 miles per hour, sometimes even completely stop with the other person in the car with you, putting her head outside to guide you: “a little bit to the left, a little bit to the right…”. And these large winds came by sectors, sometimes I knew where I was driving and sometimes seeing nothing. 12 Times this phenomenon happened, seeing cars in the ditch and collisions on the other side.

The last episode, I felt like in another world, I was completely stopped on the highway, asking myself who was going to hit my car in the back and wondering if I was going to see my children again until the moment where the car began to move itself, slowly to get me out of this big gust.

What is the relation with social media you may ask? Well with after last Sunday nightmare, I have never felt as much this passion for life like I am now feeling. I understood even more the importance of being passionate and live my mission.

My passion for people and offer them successful tools through social medias is huge. For me, all entrepreneurs deserve to be successful and this is why I advocated authenticity since it is the key to success.  Since social medias are open to the entire planet, I make sure to guide people with simplicity, towards their success. To see people succeed in life is one of my great satisfactions.

And you, what is your passion? Are you really living your mission and achieving what you are more passionate about? No matter what you have as a business right now, is it there only to succeed in business or when you are working, you have this fire passion inside of you? If you were in a situation in your life where you would receive another chance to transform this planet, would you continue to do what you are doing right now because you’re authentically passionate about it or this would be the time to change for you, live your mission and do what passionate you the most?

I could teach you all the tips of the world about social medias and on the other hand if you are not %100 passionate about what you do and do not have this fire that fuels your day, you won’t be able to reach success. When you are on social medias, it is your energy that will capture people’s attention first.

You all deserve what is the best on this planet; the time is now to achieve what you want. Do not wait to be in nightmares situations and get a new chance to live.


Partner of your authentic success,

Carele Belanger

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And if you were given another chance to live … — 26 Comments

  1. Great Article Carele!
    That really came from your heart! It gives us all a lot to think about when it comes to our passions in life.
    Thank you for sharing and making it relevant to our lives!

  2. How wonderful that a kinda NDE made you realize you were TRULY on the right path! That must have felt good, for most people it’s a wake up call do what they really want to do. Great confirmation for you.

  3. There’s nothing like the sudden realization that your entire life might change to make you re-evaluate what’s important. Your story really hit home Carele. It’s a stark reminder that being fully, passionately, authentically you is the best way to be in life and in business. Thanks! Great post.

  4. It is amazing how we re-discover ourselves in the most difficult situations! I’m glad you found out that you are on the right path. Thanks for the post!

  5. Great article Carele. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s amazing how these events can be our wake up call and to re energize our mission.

  6. Carele this is a beautiful article. We all should live life as if it were our last moments. Sadly, most of us do not most of the time. The hustle and bustle of “life” gets in the way. I completely agree on being authentic and doing what you are passionate about. That is exactly how JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters came into being … love of coffee!

  7. Great post Carele! Yes, people will see your passion on your work and the energy that you put on it. And you are a very good example on this! You put so much passion on your work that is why you capture people’s attention 🙂

  8. Glad to see you are on the right path … Thanks for sharing!

    My passion is using design to help small business owners – including social media managers and their clients – look good online. Now that I’ve narrowed my focus, I feel like I’m on a straight and narrow (and very accurate) path.

  9. I know exactly how you feel! I had a whole year full of these things happen in 2012. I am living life to the fullest now even though I am hampered by a healing ankle! Kudos to you and I am grateful you are ok 🙂

  10. “I make sure to guide people with simplicity, towards their success.” Love that line Carele. So many make things so complicated that it is discouraging. It is also my mission as I help new & small business owners. There CAN be simplicity in the madness. 🙂 Great post! And, glad you are ok… x0x