9 testimonials of people who propelled their dream because of a Dreamclass

A question I often hear: attending a Dreamclass, is it worth?

A Dreamclass is a workshop that allows you to use the power of a group to get resources, to create connections and to accelerate the manifestation of your projects, dreams, and goals. It is a propulsion towards your full realization.

You can achieve every dream you want, and everything is always perfect as it should, and that, no matter how long it takes.

If your dream is to have more money or customers, it is important to ask yourself this following question: Why do I want more money or customers? For what? Imagine if everyone would want more money, how would it be possible to help each other 😉

It’s important to be accurate with its dream. When our intention is clear, and our dream comes from the heart, only magic can happen.

Since one year, I saw all kinds of dreams come true through because of this event. Today, I want to present you 9 people who have propelled their dreams after participating in a Dreamclass:

1. Anna Giannone

anna giannone“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality, and so it is. My dream is to become an international speaker and have my TV talk show. Expressing my dreams out loud to the Dreamclass participants has set out the intention into the Universe, and it’s working. I gave 2 conferences to an audience of 200 people, and I recently joined the Huffington Post Blog team. I also had a Radio segment on CJAD 800 AM to talk about my stories and passion to assist Co-parents, Step-parents to shift their attention from negative personal aspects of their divorce to develop a harmonious family environment for the best interest of their children and for themselves. Dreams do come true !!!!”

2. Mélanie Ratté alias Mélou


“My dream was to entertain and help children by taking a character’s role. The Dreamclass helped to realize my dream. Today I became Melou, and I help children manage their emotions through movement and unique entertainment with my songs and my funny stories.”

3. Cindy Morin

cindy morin

“At a Dreamclass, I mentioned my dream wanting to meet in person, a known personality, Chantal Lacroix. In the following weeks, I realized this dream and met her.”

4. Patricia Leblanc

patricia leblanc

“In the last Dreamclass, I realized my dream of connecting with awesome heart-based women. From this Dreamclass, I meet Carol-Chantal, and she asked me to be not only part of her BOD of Wow-World of Women Toronto but to be her Vice-President. This DreamClass has had a huge positive impact, and I cannot wait for the October one.”

5. Helen Tanyan

helen tanyan“I attended my first Dreamclass event last April in Montreal and the dream that I shared with the group is to develop partnerships with event-related industry experts to expand one of my product lines. The energy in the room was incredible, and I met so many people who referred me to event industry companies and professionals. Since then I met with one event planner and have meetings set up with a few more this coming fall. I highly recommend attending one of the Dreamclass events in your area!”

6. Mylène Sauvé

Mylène Sauvé

” When I attended a Dreamclass, I mentioned my dream of writing a book. Eventually, I was able to meet the right people to write it. I have published my book in French: La guerrière, le combat d’une femme pour sa liberté. ”

7. Régine Coicou

régine coicou“I participated in my first dream class in April 2015, and it has been one hell of an experience. Besides the fact that I was able to “refine” my dream and get a better understanding of what I truly wished for, more importantly it made me realize that I was also able to help others achieve their dream. As a bonus, I met women with whom I have developed great professional alliances and true friendship. It’s an experience I would encourage everyone to try at least once.”

8. Caroline Thélémarque

Caroline Thélémaque

” My dream was to see my company ” Le Club des Gazelles ” reach a total of 250 members in 2015. After attending the Dreamclass, I met extraordinary women who are now very active members of the Club. My Dreamclass experience was amazing.”

9. Tania Boucher

Tania Boucher

“Last spring, I went to a Dreamclass not knowing what I would do. It was one of the most memorable afternoon in my life filled with an energy of sharing and mutual aid. I had a piece of a dream that became clear because of the contacts I have made. A few months later, “ma voix, ta voie” will be launched and my dream will come true. Do not keep your dreams for you, they are worth sharing! ”

Isn’t this so beautiful to read these wonderful stories ?!


Have dreams.
Dream Big.
Believe in your dreams.

Do you have at least one dream? Come to share it with us at the next Dreamclass, Saturday, October 3rd in Dorval (Montreal), and let the magic act.

Click here for all the information. There are only 2 weeks to get your ticket ( no tickets will be available at the door)

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