5 reasons why use Google Plus for your business


Still too many entrepreneurs are afraid to learn how to use Google Plus for their business because they do not understand the benefits. However, Google Plus has more than 1 billion accounts with 359 million monthly active users and in second row before Linkedin and Twitter! It is growing at 33% per year since their beginning in 2011.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is essential to use Google Plus to promote your business:

1-    Google is the owner

This Social Network was created by Google which is the number one search engine on the web.  The potential of visibility is even bigger with a tool called:   “Authorship”  to fight against the plagiarism and to identify the author. Google asserts that contents with identified authors will more be prioritized.

Posts on your Google Plus page will even be ranked better than any other networks on Google search.

2-    Your posts visible by everyone

Google plus has no restriction about posts. Everyone can see your posts when you do them in “public” mode. The potential is huge and its sharing too. Which is much better than Facebook pages where they show your posts to less than 16% of your fans only. And even more, Facebook decides the kind of posts they will show to your fans, which can easily  reduce the number from 16% to less than 10%.

3-    Communities

This network offers the possibility to create communities. Similar to Facebook or LinkedIn groups. The advantage is the possibility of creating files, of targeting people interested in your niche and letting them share information about your area.

With Google Plus communities, it is more easy to create business relationships than on other networks.

You can also participate in communities as business page if you wish, unlike Facebook groups where you need to participate as a personal profile.

4-    Hangouts

The possibility of creating Web-conferences which will be broadcasted afterward on the Web and YouTube, so bringing you an even bigger visibility.

It is not uncommon that by doing google searches with a specific keyword that past hangouts appear in search results. While only a small number of people can participate on live Hangouts, at the same time there is no limit to the number of people who will be able to watch it after. 😉

5-   Simplicity to integrate your web links

In your page profile page and community, Google Plus allows you to add your links to your website and other networks in an easy way and quickly accessible by your targeted customers.


No company today can afford not to have a strong and constant presence on this network as it provides you an even greater visibility than a lot of other networks.

And you, do you like using Google Plus for your business?


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5 reasons why use Google Plus for your business — 22 Comments

  1. This is a fantastic article. I love Google+ and recommend everyone of my blogging students to use it.

    We are having a blast learning and training each other!

  2. I haven’t been using Google+ for long but I definitely see the advantages of it. Thanks for laying out the pros of this great resource.

  3. I have to get better at Google+ as I understand why it is so important. Google is going to favour those using things they own. Same goes for using YouTube more.

  4. The extra “oomph” that your posts get on Google’s organic rankings as a result of the support of your Google+ account makes it all worth while. And the other benefits just add to the value …

  5. I’m learning to use Google+ more and more. It has been a learning curve but I definitely see the benefit. Thanks for reinforcing its use for me.