5 basic tips to attract more clients with Linkedin


Linkedin is the network of choice for connecting with other professionals.

Depending on your business, you will find either clients or strategic alliances, or entrepreneurs who will refer you to others.

1- Profile picture:
Have you uploaded a profile picture? To connect with other people, it is important to have one, a professional one, one that represent who you really are. Nobody is willing to connect with profiles without a picture.

2- Title:
Do you have a short targeted work title under your name when we arrive on your profile? Avoid falling into the trap of being too general by only writing: coach or speaker or real estate agent, etc. Add to your title your uniqueness that sets you apart from others in the same field of expertise.

3- Sections:
Take the time to carefully fill each sections of your profile. Your profile represents yourself. It becomes your business card. Would you rather like to leave a feeling of credibility or emptiness ?

4- New connections:
Connect with new people every week. Take time to care about them and avoid taking them as a number. There are specific actions to take when you connect with new people and create a personalize connection.

5- Posts:
Make sure you regularly publish new posts, even every day. Your new posts will appear in your contacts’ news feed. You want people to remember who you are and wanting to learn more about you and your business.


One key is to distinguish yourself on Linkedin and these 5 basic tips will help you do so. There are certainly many more tips to get results on Linkedin. Something I teach in private coaching.


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5 basic tips to attract more clients with Linkedin — 28 Comments

  1. I have been avoiding my LinkedIn site not knowing quite what to do with it, and this has given me a better direction. I am starting up a new business and this will help me a lot.
    Marian White
    Former UBIC8 attendee

  2. A relatively new comer to LinkedIn, I’ve done the basics, joined some groups, made some connections and then stopped. Not having time to research best practices, this blog has given me idea to post my blogs on LinkedIn., if I’m undrstanding #5.

    • Yes Roslyn, posting your blog article is a great idea and even better, Linkedin offers a blog platform too. Make sure you request it, it is free.

  3. Thanks for these great tips, Carele! I haven’t fully maximized LinkedIn to date and know that many people really love the ability to connect on a more professional and business oriented level with like-minded people there.

  4. These are all great tips, Carele. I’ve been neglected Linkedin since they’ve made some changes a couple of months ago. I must go back and take a look. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have been a member of Linked In for quite some time, but I’ve never used it. I accept invitations from people and graciously thank them when they say I’m an expert at something, but I have no idea how to post on LI. Maybe this is another avenue I need to pursue.

  6. This is just what I need! Thank you for sharing. I just checked my LI profile to make sure I got everything covered. 🙂

  7. Hi Carele,

    Aside from what you mentioned in the tips. I think the most important one above all is to make new connections every week. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I think that for a long time, LinkedIn was seen as a vehicle for “corporate” activities. While it has opened up beyond that, to many other types of business activity, its still unclear to many how to use it. This was very helpful!

  9. LinkedIn still seems to static to me. It’s one of those platforms that I have but still haven’t seen the value in spending quality time on there. Perhaps I will utilize these tips and see what will change

  10. I LOVE LinkedIn. It’s my favorite platform. I get business opportunities from it almost daily! You just have to know how to target your audience via your profile and engage in groups where your audience is at. I appreciate your ideas. I won’t connect with people if they haven’t done something as basic as their profile picture.

  11. I’m hit or miss with LinkedIn, but these tips can change that! Thanks.

  12. I have not yet tried LinkedIn and don’t really know how. Your article gives great examples on how to use this platform 🙂 Thank you.