4 reasons why to be present on more than one Social Network

social media managerThere are lots of different Social Networks. I often see entrepreneurs being present only on one of them. Often, due to lack of time or still not ready to hire a community manager.

Here are 4 reasons why, it is important to be present on several Social Networks:

1- To meet new people. There are various types of people on the different Social Networks.

2- The fast growth of some of them while on others they install sudden limitations. In this case, some people will decide to change their focus and will look into another one.

3- To not put all our eggs in the same basket. We do not own any Social Networks. We never know if they are going to remain open for ever, or when they will close their doors, or still when they will become less or more popular.

4- The more presence you have on the main ones and more you are active, more you will be seen everywhere and in search engine.

Quickly let’s look at the following 6 Social Networks:

– the number 1 Social Network with billions of users, 700 millions being active every day.
– An extraordinary Social Network to meet new people.
– The business pages of are excellent to publish your tips, articles, newbies.
– Only %16 of your fans will see your posts.

– Now the number 2 Social Network, it is the one that has the fastest growth with more than 500 million users and around %60 are active monthly.
– You can also have a business page, and the good thing is that everyone can see your posts.
– The Google Plus advantage is that the number one search engine, Google, is the owner which means your pages and posts will be indexed faster.

– Twitter is an excellent network to communicate with your business partners, customers, follow new people in your field of expertise or related to it.
People who follow you, see your posts as well as those who follow them.

– %80 of the users are women between 25 and 55 years.
– A perfect tool to put in images your products and services as well as tips. Like they say: an image is worth thousand words!
– It is also the 2nd biggest source of traffic reference in the Social Network area.

– With more than 200 million users, this network is focus on business. It is the best one to create new business contacts and even to recruit new people.

– More than 800 million users and 4 billion views per day!
People want to know who you are before dealing with you. Create videos about you, your company, and all with simplicity.

And more of them exist. Have a solid presence on Social Media, be active.

You are finding that it is taking you too much time?
Then, why not hiring a community manager to take care about your Social Networks?


4 reasons why to be present on more than one Social Network — 25 Comments

  1. I use all of the popular social networks and keep my brand visible in each platform. I don’t like putting all of my eggs and one basket. Plus hosting a variety of social networks, allows your to gain different followers on different platforms.

  2. You have a very good point…you will meet more people on these site….different people that you can share with on one that would not hang out on another one! We definitely don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket!! Thanks!!

  3. Great description of these 6 main social media. My 2 weakest links are YouTube and Pinterest but I’m gradually getting better at most of them. Thanks.

  4. Totally agree you should be on more than 1 — but not on trying to be everywhere because you’ll never have any time, haha 🙂 I stick with the main big ones you mentioned 🙂

  5. Obviously how much time we dedicate to social media depends a bit on the nature of our businesses and how much we want to achieve. But, I agree, I can’t imagine being on just one social media platform!

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  7. I agree that being on more than one social network is generally a good thing, but if a group doesn’t invest the time needed to engage with people on a particular social media platform it is better to just stick with one that is well managed. A single well managed account is better than a half-dozen ignored accounts.

  8. Carele, Thanks for your informative post. Well although I have account in the major Social Media networks but currently I am focussing on facebook. However I shall start interacting on other networks to harness their benefits as well