3 reasons why you should use YouTube for your business

Lots of entrepreneurs still do not take time to create YouTube videos, often by not understanding the reason why they should have a presence. 

1-    Its huge popularity

More than 4 billion views per day. YouTube is the most popular network worldwide offering the possibility of publishing videos, and this for free. Do not pass by this huge opportunity. Always remember that people want to know who you are first.     

2-    Easy to do

First find your subject like tips, newbies, presenting yourself, etc. Open your Webcam or ask someone to film you with a video camera, and then speak naturally with your heart. Try to keep the length under 2 minutes if possible.  And this is it! Keep it simple and have fun.

3-    Virality 

With billions of daily views, there is a possibility that your video will be seen by thousands, even millions of people, and this, in a short period of time. The original videos often become viral.

Here is a video which recently caught my attention. A new song coming from a Scandinavian group which nobody really knew before. If I stop and listen to the words, in my opinion, it makes no sense. On the other hand, when I stop and look at the originality of it, wow! This group published this video on September 6th of this year. 3 days later, 11 million views already! What’s happening when you watch this video? Laughing like crazy and you cannot take it out of your head. Here is a small secret between you and me: Since I’ve watched it with my 15 years old daughter, each morning we sing it!!!!

I invite you to view this video by CLICKING HERE

Do not deprive your company of this huge YouTube popularity. Keep your video simple, make it in a way that it will remain engraved in people’s mind and so they remember who you are as well as your company.

What do you like the most about YouTube?
feel free to write your answer in the comment box below.


3 reasons why you should use YouTube for your business — 28 Comments

  1. Hey Carele! I love YouTube. I invested in a video marketing coach to teach me all the cool seo and tips for building and getting a viral youtube channel. I love youtube because you rank faster with the search engines! So easy to go after long tail keywords. I get a lot of people following me because of YouTube. It is my new facebook! LOL

  2. Next on my list for marketing my business and attracting those who are looking for what I am sharing are videos on YouTube. This was clever, artistic and I agree with you Carele…made no sense, but it was fun.

  3. Hi Carele, I LOVE Youtube for marketing. I do all my on-line training via video too. If you’re too shy to get in front of the camera yourself, try screen shots and share your knowledge and wisdom that way. Video marketing is incredibly powerful, I’m a big fan.

  4. Great post! YouTube indeed is a very helpful tool in growing your business as it adds creativity into your business as well. How long do you think on average the scope of the video must be?

  5. I procrastinated over using YouTube Carele, for a very long time until I entered an Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt in February this year and found that many of the high point tasks involved making videos! Taking Dutch courage in hand, I started creating them and uploading them on YouTube. They aren’t the most perfect videos in the world (I was still on a learning curve) but the response was amazing and I came in Third in the Hunt! I also realized that one can embed them on one’s website and other social media which makes them even more viral. Talk of easy re-purposing of content and a great way to connect!