3 golden rules for a success on Social Media

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Lots of people would like to have the magic pill to have success with Social Media success overnight.

Yes everything can go really fast but first a presence on the main Social Medias is important, completing every profile is a must. 

Once it is done, here are 3 golden rules to apply:

1-    Being constant:
Do new post every day. Too often I see entrepreneurs doing it daily during the first month, and because they don’t see any results right away, they stop posting or start not being constant.  It is imperative to continue since people will always see your name everywhere. And with the possibilities of programming in advance or to hire a community manager, there is no reason to quit. Tell yourself that each time you stop for a few days, you will have to start over again!    

2-    Engage conversation:
For people to know you better and to get to know new people, it is important to also engage conversation with potential clients by leaving sincere comments on their posts.  This way you will learn about them and they will learn about you too. Too often I see business people staying in the “ME” when they post and never care about others by only posting about their products, services and events.

3-    Be patient: 
Building solid relationships is not done in one day. Tell yourself that there are lots of people offering the same thing as you do on the web. By being patient and taking the time to build great relationships, your potential clients will learn about you and trust you.   So this is why lots of entrepreneurs who are looking for a magic pill stop after a month thinking it is not working. This is just because they do not use the 3 golden rules.

By applying these rules, you will quickly see the solid foundations you will have establish via social networks with your business. Like me now, when I walk in Montreal, often people stop me and say: ”Hi Carele from Facebook”, without me knowing them personally.

I have built solid foundations and create trusty relationships to get there in order to be able to sell my products and services. And understand that to build solid foundations, it can take only one week or weeks or months.  It will all depends of you and the intensity you will put in it.

To your success,


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3 golden rules for a success on Social Media — 22 Comments

  1. Great information on building relationships on social media. I agree it takes lots of time to build lasting relationships on social media. I miss my social media activity, I used to spend hours a day just talking to people on twitter, I don’t have as much time to do that any longer. But during that time I built several lasting friendships.

  2. Absolutely right on the money! People are in to instant gratification — they want it all and they want it now. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s all about commitment. You’re in it for the long haul. Great advice!

  3. Very nice outline to enjoy the fruits of our labor using social media. Thank you Carele for laying it out in a simple and easy to understand format.

  4. Like most anything else in business, Carele, nothing happens overnight. I think the greatest challenge with social media is keeping your efforts focused and tailored to your precise target … so there’s no time wasted in the process.

  5. Carele, very wise tips for success on Social Media. Being consistent with following through with conversations and then being patent as you do steps 1 and 2 over and over. Great advice.

  6. Very good tips! Truly Rome was not built in a day; it requires great perseverance to keep going even when you do not see any results right away. How were you able to get such great ideas?